You can brand just about anything – t-shirts, water bottles, cows. Why should flashlights be any different? It just takes the right design to make yours look awesome!

Do you want to customize a flashlight? Where should you start? Consider this your ultimate guide to the entire design process!

Who May Need a Custom Flashlight?

Flashlights with a custom design are great for just about everyone. They’re a relatively low price and are especially useful for:

First Responders

EMTs, firefighters, police officers, and other first responders could carry a powerful custom flashlight to emergencies.


Those scary stories by the fire will seem that much spookier with a flashlight. Keep a few on hand at your campground!


Are you hosting a nighttime 5K or bikeathon? Light up the night with branded flashlights.


It’s easier to see in those nooks and crannies with a flashlight. A good design on the barrel is just another way to take pride in your work.

Tech Companies

You’re all about super cool gadgets! Custom flashlights are another way to shed some light on your brand.

These are only a few examples of custom flashlights coming in handy. They’re also awesome wedding favors, employee gifts, and of course, trade show giveaways.

Tips for Customizing Your Flashlights

It’s not enough to just get any old flashlight and slap a design on it. Yours will look extra cool if you follow these tips:

  • 1) Choose the right style.
  • 2) Be creative with the look.
  • 3) Keep your imprint simple.
  • 4) Pick the best printing method.

What Are the Different Types of Flashlights?

Flashlights come in a variety of styles and are made with different bulbs, batteries, and overall power. Here are the styles you may see:


LED flashlights are becoming more and more popular. They shine bright, last a long time, and are of an overall great quality.


An incandescent flashlight will typically use a xenon or krypton bulb. They work just as well as LED flashlights.


Do you know how you get an invisible stamp at a concert? The crew can use a UV flashlight to confirm your entry at the door.


It can be annoying to replace batteries, especially if you don’t have extra lying around. A rechargeable flashlight is a good alternative.


Take your flashlights on the go! A keychain style is perfect for finding loose change under the driver’s seat.


Make nighttime cruises a lot safer with a custom bike flashlight. This style clips right to the handlebar and helps you see the path ahead.


Nothing is more durable than a metal flashlight. It’s the perfect choice for even the toughest project.


If you’re working with kids, a plastic flashlight is a good choice as it’s not very heavy. This material is also extremely affordable, especially for flashlights in bulk.


See in those hard-to-reach spots with a swivel flashlight. The lens rotates at a 360° angle so you’ll never be in the dark.


You’ll always be able to see your to-do list if you write with light-up pens. They fit right in your pocket and are great for quick notes and small projects.


Your flashlight may be part of a Swiss Army style setup. Now you’ll have a tool ready, no matter what the task.


Miners aren’t the only ones with a flashlight on their heads. Beanies, baseball caps, and other headwear can be equipped with a bright light.

You can customize any of these flashlights with a cool design and message. It just comes down to how much you have to spend and why you need the flashlights.

Be Creative with the Look

Flashlights, whether they’re LED, incandescent, or any other style, are typically a neutral color like gray or black. That isn’t to say you can’t get creative with how they look.

Try any of these style options.

Colorful with White/Black Design

Your flashlight will stand out if you choose a bright color. The text or logo printed on the barrel can be a simple neutral color.


Go incognito with a camouflage design. This print is particularly great for hunting, hiking, and any other outdoor activities.


Flashlights can be flashy. It’s in the name, right? Add interest to yours by choosing one with glitz and glamour.


A flashlight in an unusual shape is sure to draw the eye. Take for instance the extra retro, super cool Rubik’s Cube flashlights featured here.

Your custom flashlights don’t have to be plain and boring. A good color, or a little bit of sparkle, is all it takes to make yours a bit more stylish.

Keep Your Imprint Simple

After you decide on the type of flashlight, the next step is adding a design. A flashlight isn’t as big or trendy as a water bottle or t-shirt. With that in mind, you want to keep your imprint super simple. Choose only two of the following:

  1. 1) Name
  2. 2) Slogan or Brief Message
  3. 3) Email or Website
  4. 4) Phone Number
  5. 5) Logo or Design

You want the text or design printed on your flashlight’s barrel to be super easy to see and understand at a quick glance. Less is more.

Pick the Best Printing Method

The text or design can be added to the flashlight through multiple printing processes. These include:

Screen Printing

A screen-printed design typically only includes one color. This makes it the most economical choice when customizing flashlights.

Recommended for:

  • Trade Show Giveaways
  • Non-Profit Events

Full Color Transfer

A full color transfer is a great option if you have a lot of colors to print. Every color is included in the price at no additional charge.

Recommended for:

  • Employee Gifts
  • Souvenirs

Laser Engraving

A laser engraved design is etched directly into the flashlight. This is a higher-end option that’s usually a bit more expensive.

Recommended for:

  • Wedding Favors
  • Major Events

There’s no wrong choice when it comes to the printing method you choose. Ultimately, you need to consider your budget and how you want the flashlights to look.

Why Should You Customize Flashlights?

Promotional products in general are a great way to promote your business. A well-designed flashlight, though, can be a creative addition to many events and industries, especially those taking place in the dark.

Take for instance the “Flashlight Egg Hunt” at Knoch Knolls Park in Naperville, llinois. The kids who attended could run around under the stars and use their flashlights to find eggs filled with candy, small toys, and other exciting prizes.

A custom flashlight is a bright addition to a variety of events just like this one. Get creative with your design!

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The Bottom Line

You don’t have to be in the dark when it comes to customizing flashlights. All you need is a few tricks, a few dollars in your budget, and the best promotional products company for the job. Reach out to the team at Quality Logo Products® for your next order of custom flashlights.

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