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Flashlights Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional flashlights!

David Misell

How Do You Customize Flashlights?

You can customize flashlights by working with a promotional products company. They'll use screen or digital printing to add your design to the barrel. Flashlights are great gifts and giveaways for trade shows, campgrounds, construction sites, and tech companies!

injection moldin

How Are Flashlights Made?

Flashlights are made using a process known as injection molding. This is where colorful pellets are put under high pressure and cooled down with water. Eventually, the bulbs, wires, and batteries are added and the flashlight is ready to be used.

paper lanterns

Who Invented the Lantern?

China is credited for inventing the first paper lanterns in 230 BC. These were used by the Han Dynasty during festivals and celebrations. Today, the Lantern Festival is still a popular part of Chinese New Year.

Different Types of Light Bulbs

What Are the Different Types of Light Bulbs?

The different types of light bulbs include: incandescent, fluorescent, and LED. Within these types are different letter and number combinations, such as A14 or B22. This is simply referring to the style of bulb and the size in millimeters of the base's diameter.

Emergency Kit

How Do You Make an Emergency Kit for Your Office?

Every office should have an emergency kit! You can make your office a good one by including important items inside like batteries, gauze, non-perishable food, and jumper cables. Be sure to check your supplies at least once a year.

David Misell

When Was the Flashlight Invented?

The flashlight was invented in 1897 by David Misell. His patent was eventually bought by the American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Company, better known as Eveready.

March and October are the most popular months for ordering flashlights.

Over 350,000 flashlights were ordered last year.

49% of flashlight orders last year were for ones with LED bulbs.

Plastic is the most popular material for flashlights.