The promotional products industry can be confusing to those who don’t work within it. All of the terms and items can seem overwhelming. But for a business, using promotional products is essential in today’s market. It’s all about going above and beyond for customers!

And that’s where the role of the sample comes in. A product sample is given to consumers so that they can try it before they buy it, and ordering one can make the promotional products industry less confusing. You can see and use an item that you’re thinking of ordering before placing the order. It will allow you to test it out and get a better feel for how your customers can use it, before making a final purchase. So really, samples can save you money because you will know beforehand that a product is of good quality and that your customers will value their promo product once they receive it. And that, will give you a great return on investment.

Quality Logo Products® always suggests ordering a sample before placing an order because we want you to be satisfied with your end product. Getting one before you order will ensure a quality purchase and just about eliminate any concerns or issues you may have, because you will know almost exactly what your end product will look like. That will make both you and your customers happy! And that is our goal at QLP: to satisfy our customers so they can satisfy their customers!

Here are some examples of how samples can help you:

  • Test out the item. How sturdy is this bag? How will this pen write? Get the feel for your next stress reliever before you make a large quantity purchase.
  • Compare two items. If you can’t decide between two different pencils, get a sample of each, and use them before buying one or the other.
  • If there are two colors you think might match your logo, a sample can show you just how each color looks before ordering, so you’re sure to pick the right one.
  • How will a logo look on this new style of notepad? Will I like it? Or should I stick to the notepads I’ve been happy with in the past?

Ordering a sample is a great way to make sure your promotional products turn out just how you expect them to. And at Quality Logo Products®, that is our goal. We want every customer to be satisfied with their purchase each and every time they order from us, and samples make sure this happens!

About the author

Kyrsten Ledger

Kyrsten is a promo expert with a passion for branding . Her vast knowledge of promotional giveaways and marketing has led to several articles and published work for PPB Magazine, a publication from the Promotional Products Association International.