Speeding past even the most addictive apps is a new gadget the world is going crazy over. If you’re picturing a colorful spinner that rotates between your fingertips, you’re likely already caught up in its craze. Welcome fidget spinners: the tiny toy everyone wants to get their hands on!

Bubba mascot

Our company mascot, Bubba, even approves of these fancy spinners. Whether he’s feeling retro or new and sleek, he knows a good promo product when he sees one!

While most of us have probably seen fidget-spinner-trick-videos completely raiding the internet, demand for these toys has expanded into more than a storm of tweets and YouTube videos. That’s right; they aren’t JUST reserved for grade school kids. Fidget spinners have also been showing up in places like offices, festivals, tradeshows…you name it. So what can these popular products do for businesses, from a marketing standpoint? With demand for fidget spinners continuing to surge, putting your logo on these revolving thingamajigs offers endless branding possibility!

Here are four ways to market any business with fidget spinners:

Festivals, Fundraisers, Concerts, and More

Since fidget spinners shot to the top of the list near the tail end of spring, we have no doubt they’ll be one of the hottest trinkets of Summer 2017. Even before the official start of summer, music festivals like Tomorrowland have placed orders for 100,000 spinners to distribute to festival goers during their weeklong concert. To follow the trend, your business can attend neighborhood festivals and coordinate with event organizers to sponsor a donation of custom items (like fidget spinners, of course.) Soon your sleek spinners will be handed out to all who carry a swag bag! You can also give away customized spinners at community events (like picnics or outdoor concerts), to get all attendees playing with a rotating knickknack of their own. Distribute them anywhere local events are held: carnivals, fundraisers, ice cream socials—you name it. Where your spinners go, the people will follow!

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Trade Shows

If your company is attending an upcoming tradeshow, you won’t regret including custom fidget spinners in your mix of handouts!  Some even claim they’re set to be one of the top tradeshow products of the year. With demand for these items currently surging, your booth will be swamped with potential customers hoping to take a spin. Your team can hand out these personalized spinners to tradeshow passersby, or leave them on your booth’s table to encourage potential customers to walk up and grab one (they can spin while lying flat too, it’s awesome). Even getting some team members to play with the spinners in front of your booth will immediately pique the interest of attendees. Bonus points if you can learn cool tricks before the tradeshow! Transfer your spinners from finger to finger before the potential customer’s eyes, or toss and catch them while keeping the spin going. Show the audience that these spinners are attention catching, and useful all the same.


Office Giveaways

Who says your office giveaways can’t have a playful edge to them? Our team has already started calling dibs on the few fidget spinners we have in house (we’re still hoping they’ll let us take one home). Forbes Magazine even named fidget spinners the must have office toy of 2017, and we couldn’t agree more. Hand them out to your co-workers after a job well done, or surprise top performers with a spinner giveaway after your next meeting. If you want to expand your giveaways to customers outside the office, try holding a raffle or contest via social media. Let the winner choose one in any color they want! Since these spinners are in high demand, it seems almost everyone will try getting their hands on one—especially if it’s a free giveaway!

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Liven Up Your Meetings

Whether you’re giving an interview or discussing projects with a client, having fun gadgets around the office to liven up meetings is something everyone can appreciate. Instead of offering visitors a cup of coffee or glass of water, mix it up by offering a fidget spinner featuring your logo! Fidget spinners are recognizable from a mile away—but let’s face it, most working adults probably haven’t had the opportunity to actually try one out. Your company can give potential clients their first spinner experience (while still allowing them to argue your meeting was strictly business-related). Offering a popular customized item also ensures the client will remember your company LONG after the meeting. Hey, if they’re going to give a fidget spinner a whirl, it might as well have your logo on it!

No matter what business you’re in, fidget spinners are a popular product choice to spark the interest of both clients and customers. Add your logo, and watch them bring your brand all the way to the top. Request a quote today on our website to get your very own branded fidget spinner!

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