Here at Quality Logo Products®, we know that the best testimonial to a job well done is customer satisfaction. That’s why we’re thrilled whenever our customers send us e-mails, leave awesome reviews, and share pictures of their promo products in action on places like our Facebook page.

But our customers aren’t the only people we want to make happy. We want to make sure our employees are happy, too. That’s why we’re completely over the moon to announce that, for the fourth year in a row, we’ve made Counselor Magazine’s annual “Best Places to Work” list!


Counselor is a magazine published by ASI, the Advertising Specialty Institute, which is a trade organization for the promotional product industry. ASI is a big deal, as you probably guessed if you’ve read any of our write-ups of ASI’s annual trade show in Chicago. When Counselor starts to make its yearly list of the best promo product companies to work, you know people pay attention!

If you were wondering how Counselor makes its list, here’s how it happens: every year, around 100 promotional products companies get nominated to participate in a survey run by Quantum Mechanics, a research and survey firm that Counselor partners with. The survey is e-mailed to the employees of companies like QLP, who then honestly and anonymously rate their company. They grade their company on all the important qualities, like salary, benefits, opportunities for growth, trustworthiness of supervisors and co-workers, and all the other good stuff.

This year, we’re happy to announce that Quality Logo Products® rose to number 35 on Counselor‘s list of the Best Places to work!

Other Thumbs Up

It’s the fourth year in a row that we’ve been nominated to participate, so we consider ourselves pretty FOUR-tunate to be here. We’re incredibly proud of our efforts to create a workplace where everyone, even a stress ball like me, feels valued and has a good time. And it’s great that those efforts have gotten noticed, because that’s one more reason we answer we can give when people ask, “Why choose QLP?

Thank you for choosing us, Counselor, and thank you to our customers for choosing us, too. We hope you’ll keep coming back for more of the shenanigans that make QLP a great place to work (and shop)!

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