A while back, we started a blog and video series all about the imprint process. These “How It’s Done” videos showed just how logos and business names got put onto the products we love. We featured several imprint methods and showed how hats got embroidered, how leather luggage is debossed, how stress balls get pad printed, and just about every other way a logo joins with its promotional product soulmate.

After we helped all of our readers become experts on just how logos applied to their favorite promo products, we started thinking, “Wait, how did these water bottles get here to begin with? Where do pill cases begin before we ever get around to putting logos on them?”

As it turns out, our customizable line of promotional products are built and assembled like any good product (and not, sadly, grown in an orchard of ready-to-imprint goodies). The process is called injection molding, and it involves heat, tubes, machines, and the dedicated operators who make sure it all goes smoothly.

Ready to watch it happen right before your eyes? Without further ado, here’s all the ins and outs of how injection molding works and how certain items are made.

Ah, the magic of plastics! Who knew that each reusable water bottle (and all its plastic friends) was once nothing more than a collection of small plastic beads. Apply heat (and just a touch of technology), and voilà! A fully grown promotional product, ready to get imprinted and move out into the great, wide world. They grow up so fast.

If you’re ready to see more action-packed videos, like how promotional products get imprinted with your snazzy logo, you can catch it all here on our blog. You can also check out our YouTube channel, which is committed to bringing you steady stream of hilarious videos and promotional product magic.

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