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Spotlight: Give Your Brand a Hand Winner June 2015: Mack Insurance Group

We’re proud to present our June winner for our Give Your Brand a Hand giveaway! This month Mack Insurance out of Boca Raton, FL brought home $500 in personalized promotional products. Honestly, we were hoping to barter some of that warm Florida weather, because it’s been a rainy summer in the Midwest so far, but they won fair and square.

Mack Insurance might be a small, independent insurance shop, but they provide their customers with big peace of mind. They offer liability, property, and worker’s compensation for their commercial clients, as well as home, auto, and flood insurance for their individual customers. They even do life and health insurance! They’re a full-service, one stop shop run by friendly, customer-focused team. Here they are!
20150401_083843 (2)

With their winnings, they chose not just one but two promotional items for their friends and fans. Customers will enjoy  a minty Artisan Lip Balm for a sweet spa treat and also the multi-functional House and Home Power Clips, which are awesome at keeping chips fresh or stacks of paper in order. A perfect mix of practical and personal!



Congrats, Mack Group! We love that purple logo and know that your customers are going to enjoy their new lip balms and those handy clips – no one can resist the gift of moisturized lips and an organized pantry! And with those super-usable giveaways, the office contact information will always be on hand.

We’ve loved meeting small business owners and entrepreneurs and watching their dream promotional products come to life. Check out our winners past from March, April, and May and then head over to enter your small business, because the Give Your Brand a Hand contest isn’t over yet! There’s still time for your small business to enter to win personalized products and we want to hear from you. Fill out our contest form and let us know how you’d use your $500 in promotional products to grow your brand!

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  1. Chase

    What an awesome post! And for the giveaway you picks some great items! Those are on the top seller’s list for sure! This is super cool! Really nice to see a company winning that could use the products!! Great stuff!

  2. Kat D.

    Congrats to Mack Insurance Group!! It’s so awesome to see the company giving back and offering such a fun promotion such as this!

  3. leo

    Way to go Mack Insurance Group! You chose some great options ? I’m sure their clients think so too.
    Can’t say this enough. This is such an amazing idea. I want to make sure that all of our clients and future clients get a chance to enter this amazing drawing! We have so many, many options for all kinds of businesses. How would you use these funds? I have a client who recently ordered Hard Hat Man Stress Toy so that he could hand them out to hotel guest as the remodeled their hotel lobby. A simple gesture like this goes a long way. It’s the little things with customers! I also had a client order ear plugs as well! This may scare some people off, but it’s also a nice gesture towards their clients as they remodel!
    Keep applying for this! It’s a great way to get your company name out there and get some great loot at no cost ? We are here to help!

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