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Which Social Media Icons and Logos Can I Print?

Alyssa Mertes

Alyssa Mertes

Promo Expert

Most customers who buy promotional items use them to promote their brand or business. However, in more recent branding endeavors, business owners have begun using custom products to promote their social media business platforms! Just be aware that each social network has their own set of rules detailing how businesses are allowed to use their trademarked images.

Let's talk about some of the most popular social networks, and their guidelines for using their names and logos on your promotional items. By learning the rules, you'll have a better idea of how to setup up your promo items when it's time to order! You can jump to your favorite social media platform by clicking within our list below:


The Book of Faces

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform used today, which means it' s a great idea to direct your customers to your company Facebook page or group. However, you won't be able to print their logo onto your promotional items without checking a few of their rules first. According to the brand guidelines from Facebook itself, you can only use the Facebook 'f' logo to refer to:

  • Your presence on Facebook, such as your page, timeline, group, app, or event
  • Your implementation of Facebook on your website
  • Your product' s integration with Facebook, such as "For use with Facebook"
  • Content that originates from Facebook

You are not allowed to use the Facebook logo to publicize anything other than what is listed above. In addition, you cannot use the 'f' logo by itself. It must be accompanied with a call to action. Examples of proper calls to action include:

Like Us on Facebook!

Follow Us on Facebook!

Facebook Page URL (

The only exception to these rules is if you choose to use the 'f' logo side-by-side with other social media logos.

Check out this chart for acceptable and non-acceptable uses of the Facebook logo:

Nice 'n Neat

Any use of the Facebook logo must provide space around it so it appears clean and uncluttered. You cannot use the logo in a way that implies partnership, sponsorship or endorsement. The Facebook logo cannot be the most distinctive feature of your promotional item, it cannot be used on materials associated with pornography, illegal activities, or other materials that violate the Facebook Terms, and the design and color cannot be changed.

Pick a Color, Depending on the Logo

When it comes to color of the logo, Facebook offers these recommendations:

  • Use the version of the logo that comes with a blue box on white or light colored backgrounds
  • Use the version of the logo that comes on a white box on blue or dark colored backgrounds.


Are You Tweetin' Me?

You can use promotional products to direct customers to your Twitter account too! Luckily, you have a few options for how you can use the Twitter logo on your personalized items.

When it comes to graphics, you can only use the current Twitter bird in either blue or white. No other colors, alterations, or other logos are allowed. There must be at least 150% buffer space around the bird. That buffer space is shown in the logos below:

The icon also needs to be accompanied with a call to action or your Twitter account URL. The Twitter logo cannot be larger than your own branding. These are acceptable ways to promote your Twitter account:

The text Follow Us On Twitter

The text Follow Us On with the Twitter bird logo

The text Follow Us On with the Twitter bird logo and your brand's username

The Twitter bird logo followed by the text Twitter, with your brand's Twitter URL in close proximity

Check out this chart for acceptable and non-acceptable uses of the Twitter logo:


We can't forget the purpose of Twitter, which is to create the next trending hashtag to keep up with the millenials. Here are some other acceptable uses:

  • You can use the Twitter bird logo before a specific hashtag: [twitter bird] #hashtag
  • You can use the Twitter bird logo before your user name: [twitter bird] @username

Twitter still requires a 150% buffer space around the bird. You can view the proper spacing for this by going to their brand guidelines page here.

Another Important Note

Unless you are using the Twitter bird logo or the word Twitter in direct proximity to your URL/username OR you are printing a line of side-by-side social media logos, you MUST include a call to action. Neither of the old Twitter logos (the lowercase T and the bird that faced directly right) can be used. Additionally, your company or brand name cannot be printed immediately above the Twitter bird logo. And last but not least, you cannot use the Twitter logo to suggest any kind of partnership with Twitter.


Totally Tubular

Whether you're looking to promote your new web series or want to direct customers to cool product videos on your brand's channel, having a YouTube logo on your custom items can help lead customers in the right direction. YouTube is fairly relaxed about letting people use their logo on promotional materials! See their simple rules.

First, the YouTube logo cannot be altered in anyway. You have to either use the horizontal, up-to-date, full-color logo or a one-color version. YouTube only wants their old stacked logo to be used in social media instances when it cannot be avoided.

Unlike some of the social networks, you cannot use the YouTube logo as part of a sentence. If you want to use a call to action like You can find us on YouTube, you can only use text. You can place the YouTube logo somewhere else on your item.

You can find us on YouTube.

Follow Us on YouTube.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel.


If You Like, Put a Pin In It

When it comes to social media logo usage, Pinterest seems to be the most enthusiastic out of all of the social networks. They genuinely want you to promote your presence on Pinterest - they just want to make sure you're following their branding guidelines!

Pinterest requests that you use one of these logos or badges that you can easily download from their website:

You can promote your Pinterest account in any of the following ways:

The badge followed by the URL of your account

The name of your company followed by on and the logo, URL underneath

The name of your company followed by on and the badge, URL underneath

Badge within a line of social media icons

Visually, these options look like this:

Pinterest requests that you Maintain empty space equal to at least half the height of the logo on all sides. Again, you cannot use any of the Pinterest Marks to suggest Pinterest is sponsoring your promotion or is formally affiliated with it.


They Mean Business

LinkedIn policy about printed items states that it does not permit the use of its marks on manufactured products. However, there are some factories who will print the LinkedIn logo on your promotional items. We recommend checking with your individual sales person and taking the time to request the use of LinkedIn's logo on your promo products. It will add additional time to your order, but it could save you a costly legal battle later! Read up on their brand guidelines for additional insight.


Time to Filter the Rules

You probably saw this one coming, but Instagram also does not allow their logo to be used on merchandise. They will allow it on packaging, but not on merchandise, such as toys, apparel or accessories. Some of our suppliers have reached out to Instagram to seek permission, but at this time you are unable to use their logo on your custom items. However, you're welcome to use it on packaging as long as the logo follows proper marketing guidelines.


Review Your Options

Yelp offers logos, buttons, and badges for small business owners. Their page directly states that you can use Yelp creative assets to identify and refer to Yelp in marketing and informational materials.

They also have these eight guidelines when you are using their brand assets on your marketing materials:

1. Your use must be substantially separated from other logos, trademarks and graphics.

2. Your use must be the smallest logo used in your materials and proportional to the smallest font size of your marketing copy.

3. Your use must not imply endorsement by Yelp or create confusion.

4. Your use cannot be modified in any way, including proportions, colors, or fonts.

5. Your use cannot be used in connection with false or misleading advertising.

6. Your use cannot be used in a manner that disparages Yelp.

7. Your use cannot be combined with other words or marks.

8. Use is limited to the press and local businesses referring to their authorized listing(s) on Yelp.

So as long as you are not implying that you have a partnership with Yelp and follow these guidelines, there's no reason why you can't use your promotional items to encourage your customers to leave you a review on Yelp. Sticking with the approved logos and badges will keep you within their guidelines.


But First, Let Me Snap That

Snapchat requires all who use their logo to download and use their official Ghost logo only. The snapchat logomark or ghostmark can be used on promotional products as long as no other logos, type, or other graphic elements infringe on its required space, which is 1/3 of the width of the ghost mark. Upon placing the logo on an item, you'll also have to maintain its proportions!

Snap Your Story

Business owners can use the Ghost logo next to their Snapchat user name, or include it side-by-side with other social media logos. The Ghost logo must remain the same size as the logos next to it, with a clear call to action like Add us on Snapchat, (unless the logo is next to other social logos.)

While using the Ghost logo design is okay, you cannot modify it to suit your individual needs. In addition, you cannot display the Ghost logo larger than your own marks or branding-you're the star of the show anyway!

The Ghost logo should always contrast with the background. There are three versions that will allow the most legibility and production quality. They are:

Full Color - Yellow Background

Hex: #FFFC00
CMYK: 0/0/100/0
RGB: 255/252/0
PMS: Pantone Yellow U

Monochrome - Black Background

Pure White

Monochrome - White Background

Pure Black

Crystal Clear Assets

Snapchat also asks that you make sure the Brand Assets are displayed clearly when using their logo, and that users follow Snapchat's Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, and Privacy Policies. Just don't use the Brand Assets in a way that suggests or implies partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement by Snapchat!


You can print (with restrictions): Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Yelp, and Snapchat.

You can possibly print: LinkedIn.

You cannot print: Instagram.

Translating to Print

Now that you know about which social media icons you can use, you're probably wondering how you can print them on your items. There are one-color options of most social media logos, but they all really shine when represented with their full colors. So if you wanted to guide your customers to as many social channels as possible, you should consider using a custom item that has full-color printing. Full-color printing is also known as digital printing and CMYK printing.

Full-color printed items like sticky notes or mouse pads have lots of room, and you can print as many colors as you want! You can print your business logo and all of the approved social media logos without having to make any compromises on colors.

Still unsure about how you can use some of these social media logos? Our art department knows exactly how and when you can use these logos. If you have a specific idea for your promotional items, make sure you talk to your representative to help you craft the best giveaway item! Whether you have questions about social media icons or just can't wait to start your order, our team is here for you!