Custom koozies are popular gifts or favors for a variety of events. Bars give them away for crawls, trivia companies hand them out as prizes, and brides and grooms around the country personalize wedding koozies for their big days!

Are you ordering personalized koozies? Be sure the text on front is easy to read! Here are the best fonts for printing on koozies.

1. Bellota

Bellota font on koozies

You want your koozies to look fun, and Bellota gives them personality. It’s a sassy font style with plenty of spacing in between each letter. Bellota is a good font to use if you want to print a lot of characters.

2. Bella Donna

Bella Donna font on koozies

It’s time to get fancy! Bella Donna is a thick, cursive font that’s very easy to read. Use it for wedding koozies, or if you’re putting koozies in swag bags at an award ceremony or banquet.

3. Gotham Black

Gotham Black font on koozies

Thick, bold fonts are best for printing on koozies. Gotham Black shows up clearly and takes up most of the imprint area. You can also adjust the size and play around with the angle of the words if you want a long quote to fit.

4. Lemon Milk

Lemon Milk font on koozies

Lemon Milk sounds like a tasty cake flavor, but it’s actually a legible type of font. The thin lines and narrow spacing are easy to digest, especially when your name or quote is printed straight across the koozies.

5. Bebas

Bebas font on koozies

Keep it simple by using Bebas to customize your koozies. This font is bold and big, which means it will show up clearly, no matter which koozie color you choose.

6. Garamond

Garamond font on koozies

Garamond is very easy to read, which is why it’s a font that’s often used for printing. You don’t have to worry about it looking boring. Each letter has little flourishes that make the printed text look fun and exciting!

7. Mohave

Mohave font on koozies

Nobody wants to use a magnifying glass to read your koozie, so choose big, bold fonts for the print. Mohave is the perfect choice. It’s very similar to Bebas, only a bit more narrow.

8. Adelle

Adelle font on koozies

Adelle is often on the list of fonts that are easy to read. This font has an antiquated look that’s perfect if you’re ordering the custom koozies for an old-fashioned bar or ale house.

9. Impact

Impact font on koozies

Another good font to use on koozies is Impact. As the name suggests, this font will have a big impact at events like trade shows or fundraisers. Print your text using Impact, leave the koozies on a table, and soak up all the compliments that come your way!

10. Samble Tracie

Samble Tracie font on koozies

If you want a cool, retro font to use on your koozies, try Samble Tracie! This cursive print has a bit of sass, making it a good choice for printing funny quotes.

What Size Font Should I Use on Custom Koozies?

The average font size to use on custom koozies is 6 pt., but it could be smaller or larger depending on the print. You just need to make sure your design fits the imprint area of the koozie.

Did You Know? You can see how the font will look on your koozies by using this free font preview tool!  

Final Thoughts

When you think of custom koozies, your mind probably jumps right to partying! These can coolers dress up drinks at barbecues, tailgates, outdoor weddings, music festivals, and pool parties. It only makes sense for the print on front to be fun!

Try any of these fonts for your next koozie printing project! The team at Quality Logo Products® is always here with suggestions and can help you get amazing custom koozies that everyone loves.

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