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Koozies are budget-friendly, practical items that anyone will use. They make fun wedding favors, or they can help attract more people to your trade show booth. Whatever you want to use a koozie for, you should add a custom design to make it stand out!

Lucky for you, we’ve got the best advice for customizing a koozie straight from the experts themselves. Get ready for the coolest tips for designing custom koozies!

Who Can Use Customized Koozies?

Whether you use them as a gift or a freebie, chances are people will take their new koozies home for future use. If you need inspiration, check out these ideas.

Sports Teams

From pro sports to little league, koozies are a staple to any sporting event, especially during hot summer days. You can use a themed koozie like a football, or simply add the team name to a plain koozie.


Your wedding guests will appreciate a useful memento like a custom koozie to commemorate your special night. You can add a quick thank you note on the koozie or put your initials and date on the front.

Restaurants and Bars

Celebrate the grand opening of your restaurant or bar with custom koozies for your guests. Then, your customers will spread the word about your restaurant every time they use it. You can even go with something unique like magnetic koozies that stick to their fridge at home!


People who spend time boating usually keep a cooler of ice-cold drinks on board. Give your customers koozies with your Marina name on it to use when they’re on the water. They’ll be appreciative for a cold drink in the hot sun.

Golf Tournaments

Golfers need to stay hydrated, so give them a koozie to help keep their drinks cold on the green. Whether you’re hosting a tournament or trying to get new patrons to your course, customized koozies are the perfect idea.

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and resorts can use custom koozies as a souvenir in the gift shop, or as a “thank-you” for staying at your place. Add your hotel name and contact information so guests will have it readily available when they want to recommend your location to a friend.


If you’re hosting a fundraiser like a 5k or even a silent auction, use custom koozies to raise money! You can give them away with a purchase of raffle tickets, or as a part of a larger gift basket.

However you decide to use custom koozies, you have the opportunity to get creative. Koozies are a low-cost practical item that people will keep and reuse for years to come!

Tips for Customizing a Koozie

Before you get to designing your koozie, there are some tips the experts want you to know. Keep each tip in mind so your koozie turns out exactly the way you envisioned!

  • Remember quality matters
  • Avoid similar colors
  • Keep your text legible
  • Decide between ink or digital printing
  • Talk to an expert

Remember Quality Matters

The material you choose can make a huge difference in the quality of the koozie! For example, foam is very porous which can affect your design, while other materials keep your drinks colder than others.

These are the best materials for your koozie:

  • Neoprene
  • Polyurethane
  • Rubber

Neoprene is the same material wet suits are made from, so it’s great for keeping your hands dry and comfortable. Polyurethane and rubber are similar because they both provide excellent insulation to keep your drink cold. You can’t go wrong with any of these materials!

Production time of can coolers will vary a lot based on how the item is printed and assembled – being in a hurry when ordering can coolers will really reduce the number of options you have when ordering. If you are looking for a nicer quality can cooler – don’t wait until the last minute to order.

– Kelly Bird, Sales Representative at Quality Logo Products®

Avoid Similar Color Combinations

When picking what color koozie and design you want, you should think about what would stand out the best. A general rule of thumb is to print dark colors on light color koozies and vice versa to provide the most contrast!

Specific color combinations you should avoid are:

  • Black ink on a red koozie
  • Purple ink on a red or black koozie
  • Blue ink on a black koozie

If you want to use certain colors that are similar, consider adding a white outline to the text! This can help offset the difference between the colors and make your text stand out.

I always suggest staying away from black/red color combos. I tell my customers that color combo tends to play tricks on the eyes.

– Kat Dlugolecki, Sales Representative at Quality Logo Products®

Keep Your Text Legible

If you plan to add text to your custom koozie, the experts recommend 8 to 10 pt. font. You might also want to consider flat ink for more complex text or puffed (raised) ink for simple text. In general, a sans serif font like Arial works better than a serif font such as Times New Roman.

Gotham is a fantastic (sans serif) font that has a few different iterations that work well in almost all decorating situations.

– Anthony Gaudio, Sales Representative at Quality Logo Products®

Decide Between Ink or Digital Printing

You can add your design to a koozie by screen printing, or it can be digitally printed! The design you plan to add to your koozie will help you decide which is best.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most cost-effective way to customize your koozie. If your design has one or two colors, then screen printing is your best option.

During the printing process, ink is forced through small holes on a screen in the shape of your design. Keep that in mind if you have a very detailed design as it may not screen print clearly.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is done the same way you would print an image on a piece of paper, except it goes on your koozie! While this method can be more expensive, it is the best for printing several colors, detailed designs, or even a paragraph of text.

Avoid anything with a lot of detail such as shields, badges, or seals. If it has lines very close to each other or appears very detailed it will not print well.

– Erik Steinbrecher, Sales Manager at Quality Logo Products®

Talk to an Expert

In order to make sure the best product is being selected for your design and your budget, consulting an expert is your best bet! While looking for koozies online, they might all look the same, but they vary drastically in person. An expert can give you tips to make the right choice.

Request a free proof! We don’t like to say what will work and won’t work based off looking at a logo.

– Jay Hoffman, Sales Representative at Quality Logo Products®

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on designing your own custom koozie, you can make sure it looks exactly how you envisioned!

How to Avoid Color Bleeding on a Custom Koozie

Sometimes, the ink you use on your custom koozie might bleed, meaning it can extend outside of the desired area. Fret not! Our experts have tips to make sure your design comes out just the way you wanted.

In order to avoid color bleeding, take the following tips into account:

  • Some materials like foam can be porous and soak up more ink than another material like neoprene.
  • Ink can be somewhat opaque, which is important to avoid if your koozie and ink colors are similar.
  • White on red and red on white can bleed at times depending on the material of the koozie.
  • Yellow ink is very opaque and appears darker when printed on dark item colors.

In the example above, you can see the lines are not clean, and the black fibers are showing through the white ink. This can happen when you don’t take both contrast and koozie material into account. Lucky for you, you now have the insider knowledge!

What Design Can You Add to a Koozie?

In general, experts recommend adding a simple, clear design to your koozie. Whether you use plain text or an image, there are numerous ways you can customize a can cooler.

Consider adding one of the following designs to your koozie:

  • Plain text
  • Full color image
  • Logo
  • Contact information
  • Words of inspiration

Plain Text

Plain text is the simplest way to get your message across. You can get creative with different fonts and colors to make your text more unique. Text is also the most cost-effective design method.

Full Color Image

If your design is highly detailed or includes an array of colors, consider using a full color image. An image is great if you’re using your koozie to advertise a specific place like a golf course or beach. Keep in mind, full-color images can cost more than ink printing and is not available on every type of koozie.


Whether you have a logo for your wedding or your company, it looks great on a koozie. The more colors you use, the more expensive it can be. A good rule of thumb is to print no more than 2 colors.

Contact Information

If you’re a small business, add your phone number or website to your koozie! Giving customers easy access to your contact information can help build your business. Be mindful of font sizing when adding any contact information so the text is legible.

Words of Inspiration

The design on your custom koozie doesn’t have to be all business. If you just want a fun freebie or item for your online store, you can add inspirational quotes or images, too!

While designing your custom koozie, be sure keep the tips in mind! This will help your design look professional and make a lasting impression.

The Bottom Line

The experts have spoken! Now you have an arsenal of knowledge that will help you create the best custom koozies. There are plenty of ways you can make your koozie stand out, so get your creative juices flowing!

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