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Are you on the fence about what to buy as wedding favors? Maybe your business is setting up a display at a trade show, and you’re in need of some swag. Whatever the case, you can’t go wrong with personalized koozies®!

This guide is here to give you the design tips you need for your koozies® to look amazing. Let’s get going!

Why Do You Need Custom Koozies®?

Nothing says “party” quite like custom koozies®! These little drink holders make great gifts or freebies for a variety of situations including:

Sports Leagues & Stadiums

Sports Leagues & Stadiums

Whether you’re in a softball beer league or need something for your concession stand, you can’t go wrong with personalized koozies®! Pick some in your team colors, or go with cute jersey shaped options instead.



Your guests won’t be able to resist elegant wedding koozies®. Print them with your monogram and leave them at the bar for everyone to grab while they’re getting their drinks.

Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants & Bars

Do you want more customers to buy the drink specials at your restaurant or bar? Offer promotional koozies® with every purchase!

Lakes & Marinas

Lakes & Marinas

Nothing is better than a day on the water! Your gift shop is probably full of beach towels and flip flops, but your visitors will also appreciate souvenir koozies®.

Golf Tournaments

Golf Tournaments

People who play golf know there can be a lot of downtime. Everyone will appreciate sipping on a cool drink nestled inside of a koozie® while they wait for their turn.

Family & Class Reunions

Family & Class Reunions

Set the tables at your reunion with decorative koozies®. They’re fun, cheap favors that will come in handy during the speeches and toasts. Cheers!

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Why shouldn’t adults get goody bags at their birthday parties, too? Fill them up with chocolates, scented candles, body wash, personalized koozies®, and other “grown-up” favors!

Outdoor Concerts

Outdoor Concerts

Your merch tent is probably full of t-shirts, hoodies, and baseball caps. The fans will also love koozies® they can hold while pumping their fists in the crowd!



Are you hosting a fundraiser? Get koozies® personalized with your non-profit’s name. You also can’t go wrong with koozies® that are in the same color as your awareness ribbon colors!

Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts

Happy holidays! Dress bottles of craft soda or beer in personalized koozies®, and hand them out to your entire team. They’re affordable corporate gifts that everyone will love!

Direct Mailers

Direct Mailers

Cheap koozies® are the perfect direct mail gifts! They fold flat to fit in envelopes and can be mailed out to a ton of potential customers.

Koozies® are great for any industry or event, not limited to the ones listed here. All it takes is an eye-catching design to take these gifts to the next level!

Tips for Customizing Koozies®

Ready, set, decorate! If you want your custom koozies® to look great, follow these tips:

  1. Decide on the style and material.
  2. Choose a good pattern or color scheme.
  3. Print something memorable on the front.

Tip 1. Decide on the Style & Material

What Are the Different Types of Koozies®?

You have options when it comes to personalized koozies®! They can be categorized by either how they fit, or the material that’s used to make them.

The different types of koozies® include:

  • Can koozies®
  • Bottle koozies®
  • Beer koozies®
  • Wine koozies®
  • Coffee koozies®
  • Wrap koozies®
  • Slim koozies®
  • Jersey koozies®
  • Unique novelty koozies®
Can Koozies

Can Koozies®:

Look for squat, slightly square-shaped koozies® if you need them to fit on canned drinks. These koozies® typically wrap around 12 oz. cans such as the ones used by Coca-Cola or Budweiser.

Bottle Koozies

Bottle Koozies®

Bottled drinks can be anywhere from 6 oz. to 22 oz. depending on the brand. Long, narrow koozies® will fit snuggly, keeping the beverage inside nice and cold.

Beer Koozies

Beer Koozies®

Pop the top and enjoy that cool beer! It’ll be easier to keep those suds chilly if you fit insulated beer koozies® around every can or bottle. Hand these drink holders out at tailgates, barbeques, or picnics!

Wine Koozies

Wine Koozies®

Room temperature wine is okay, but it’s even better when it’s chilled. Wrap your bottles up in wine koozies®, and you’ll always get that refreshing sip! These gifts are wonderful for galas, banquets, and weddings.

Coffee Koozies

Coffee Koozies®

Avoid burning your hands on your favorite coffee or latte with sleeve shaped koozies®. They wrap right around the middle and help cut down on the waste created by cardboard sleeves. Sell them in your coffee shop to all of your regulars.

Wrap Koozies

Wrap Koozies®

Think of wrap koozies® like little jackets for your drinks! There is a gap or piece of Velcro in the middle, which allows these holders to fit almost any sized can or bottle.

Slim Koozies

Slim Koozies®

White Claw, Red Bull, and Truly are a few brands that are taking part in the tall slim can trend. Fit these drinks, and others like them, with skinny koozies®!

Jersey Koozies

Jersey Koozies®

Go team go! Rally your team to victory with jersey shaped koozies®. They’ll sell at your concession stand just as well as the hot dogs, popcorn, and alcohol!

Unique Novelty Koozies

Unique Novelty Koozies®

Boots, footballs, wedding dresses, safety vests…the sky’s the limit! You’ll find a koozie® in just about every shape, so choose unique novelty options that fit with your theme.

From beer to wine to coffee, there’s a koozie® to fit any drink, can, or bottle. You can also order koozies® made from different materials such as:

  • Foam koozies®
  • Neoprene koozies®
  • Stainless steel koozies®
  • Polyester koozies®
  • Knit koozies®
  • Wood koozies®
Foam Koozies

Foam Koozies®

Foam is the most common material. It makes for insanely cheap koozies®, so you can get a ton of them at once without breaking the bank!

Neoprene Koozies

Neoprene Koozies®

An experiment on how koozies® work found that rubber and neoprene keep cans and bottles at least 16 degrees colder! With that in mind, neoprene koozies® are great gifts for summer events like concerts and pool parties.

Stainless Steel Koozies

Stainless Steel Koozies®

You want your insulators to be tough and rugged. There’s nothing more durable than stainless steel koozies®! They’re a bit of a splurge, but worth it if you’re looking for a sleek, professional look.

Polyester Koozies

Polyester Koozies®

Polyester is commonly used to make suits and blankets, but it’s also a great insulator. As a bonus, you can get these koozies® cheap if you’re on a budget!

Knit Koozies

Knit Koozies®

Do you want your can or bottle to look like it’s wearing a cozy knit sweater? Knitted koozies® are perfect for winter weddings, ski lodges, or as heartwarming Christmas gifts for your co-workers.

Wood Koozies

Wood Koozies®

Bring rustic charm to your bar, tavern, or distillery with wood koozies®. With the barrel inspired look, they’re excellent holders for whiskeys and bourbons!

Tip 2. Choose a Good Pattern or Color Scheme

Tip 3. Print Something Memorable on the Front

What to Print on Custom Koozies®

Now that you know which style of koozies® you prefer, the next step is figuring out what to print on front. You can use either screen printing with 1 free ink color, or full color printing, which allows you to use unlimited ink colors without any additional cost.

Print any of the following on your custom koozies®:

  • Name
  • Text
  • Monogram
  • Logo
  • Clipart image
  • Inspirational or funny quote








Clipart Image
Inspirational or Funny Quote

Inspirational or Funny Quote

Obviously, you want to use a light colored ink if you’re printing on dark koozies® and vice versa. The custom print should really pop and be easy to decipher at a quick glance.

Other Considerations When Buying Custom Koozies®

Hold on! Before you start ordering custom koozies®, think about whether or not you want any of these bonus features.



Your drink will literally stick by everyone’s side if you buy magnetic koozies® as gifts. This style is a favorite of construction workers who use them on job sites.



If you’re ordering for your school, look for personalized koozies® that have attached carabiners. They’ll clip right onto each student’s backpack for easy portability around campus.



Do you sell wine at your restaurant? Look for koozies® that have handles on the top. Your customers will be able to easily carry bottles home after they’ve finished their meals.

Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener

Get two promotional items in one by shopping for koozies® with built-in bottle openers. They’re a pairing as natural as peanut butter and jelly!

Shipping Time

Shipping Time

Let’s say you need your koozies® fast. Narrow down your choices to find drink holders that will arrive in time for your event.



The last thing you want is a closet full of unused giveaways. Shop for low minimum koozies® to get the exact number you need.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Show your patriotism by shopping for koozies® made in the USA. They’re no-brainer gifts for holidays like Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day.



You can get koozies® cheap! In fact, most of the time they’re under $1 each, which is a big win for your marketing budget.

Why Should You Customize Koozies?

Why Should You Customize Koozies®?

With new drinks coming out all the time, custom koozies® will always be wonderful gifts. They’re associated with good vibes at fun events like weddings, barbeques, picnics, vacations, and outdoor concerts.

The history of koozies® is fascinating, and it’s only just getting started. Time will tell what’s in store for these lightweight drink holders!

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The Bottom Line

You’re ready to get started on your order of personalized koozies®. These drink holders may be small pieces of fabric, but don’t underestimate their power. Koozies® are a cool part of many fun events, so take the time to design something incredible!

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