Promotional pens are popular for many companies and events. Exhibitors at trade shows hand them out to the crowd, restaurants order them for their serving staff, and doctors and dentists keep them in a cup for their patients to use.

Are you ordering custom pens? Be sure the font you use is easy to read! Here are the best fonts for printing on custom pens.

1. Trajan Pro

Trajan Pro font on custom pens

Pens have a small imprint area, so you want to choose a font with small, thin letters. Trajan Pro fits the bill! Each letter also has little flourishes at the bottom to add visual interest.

2. Myriad

Myriad font on custom pens

Myriad is popular for printing since it’s so easy to read. There is more space between each letter than other fonts. Use Myriad if you plan on printing only one word/phrase on your custom pens, such as your phone number or company name.

3. Helvetica

Helvetica font on custom pens

Keep it simple with Helvetica. This font is pencil thin, and all the letters are close together. It’s a good choice if you want to print a few words or characters on the custom pens. 

4. Garamond

Garamond font on custom pens

Cursive isn’t always clear when printing on pens, so if you want a fancy font, try Garamond! The letters have an old-fashioned look and interesting finishes that make the text look more sophisticated.

5. Roboto

Roboto font on custom pens

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto. Styx may have been singing about a futuristic prison, but you won’t feel trapped if you use Roboto in your pen printing! The thin letters are evenly spaced apart, making this font easy to read at a quick glance.

6. Gotham Black

Gotham Black font on custom pens

You don’t have to use only thin fonts when printing on pens. Gotham Black has thick, bold letters that show up clearly. Try this font if you have a short word to print on the barrels.

7. Times New Roman Bold

Times New Roman Bold font on pens

Back in high school, you used Times New Roman to type out your essays. Now you can use this classic font again for printing text on custom pens! The characters are simple and very easy to read.

8. Arial Bold

Arial Bold font on custom pens

If you are customizing pens with thick barrels, then Arial Bold is a good font to use. The characters are slightly larger than other fonts, and there is a gap between each letter that helps with readability.

9. Georgia

Georgia font on custom pens

Be sweet as a peach by using Georgia on your promotional pens. The letters flair out at the bottom, which gives the print a soft, feminine look.

10. Adelle

Adelle font on custom pens

Adelle is another easy font to read. It is classified as Serif with the tiny “feet” at the bottom of the letters. These extra lines make the print look classy and make your pens look like luxury gifts!

Did You Know? You can see how the font will look on your pens by using this free font preview tool

What Size Font Should I Use on Custom Pens?

The average font size to use on custom pens is 6 pt., but it could be smaller depending on the print. Just make sure your design fits the imprint area of the pen.

Final Thoughts

Even though our eyes are glued to screens, we still need cool ballpoint pens to use at home and work. Print a good message on the barrel that people can read every time they write, whether it’s their grocery list or the next Pulitzer Prize winning novel!

Try any of these fonts for your next pen printing project! The team at Quality Logo Products® is always here with suggestions and can help you get amazing custom koozies that everyone loves.

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