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Give Your Brand a Hand: Bolingbrook Tee-Ball June 2016

The Bolingbrook Tee-Ball Association values community and a love of sports above all else, which is why we’re excited to honor them with $500 to use toward marketing their organization through our Give Your Brand a Hand giveaway.

Our Give Your Brand a Hand initiative is meant to give organizations like this youth sports league the chance to get the marketing materials they need to be successful. Applicants who make less than $1 million in annual revenue and have fewer than 50 employees can enter for their chance at securing $500 in free promotional products. Our team hand-picks the recipients based on their organization’s mission and their answer to the question: “What would you do with $500 in promo items?” For the Bolingbrook Tee-Ball Association, it’s all about the kids.

“We want to ensure all kids interested in baseball are aware of our league and have an opportunity to play.” – Tyler G., Board President

Starting in the late 80s, the Bolingbrook Tee-Ball Association is run by a group of volunteers, all with an unbridled enthusiasm for the game of baseball. For this group, it’s about getting kids out on the field so they can learn new skills, make friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime.  Whether it’s hitting the ball over the fence to win the championship game or catching that first fly ball in the outfield, the kids in this youth sports league are all learning valuable skills they’ll take with them off the diamond.

Our custom water bottles were just what the league needed to keep getting the word out there. The league ordered over 200 Mood Cycle Bottles to hand out to kids when they register at the beginning of the season. This kind of brand exposure will only elevate the league to new heights, and hopefully result in an increase in the kids registering to participate. Our custom water bottles have a place in every bag and make their way to the field alongside the standard gear like cleats, bats, and gloves.

It was truly an honor working with the Bolingbrook Tee-Ball Association and we can’t wait to help another organization spread awareness for their cause. Are you a small business owner looking for a marketing boost?

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