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Spotlight: Give Your Brand a Hand Winner April 2015: Heather’s Travel Deals

It’s that time again! Our latest Give Your Brand a Hand Giveaway winner has been selected, and the products are already ordered, waiting to be handed out to customers. We’re getting a lot of great responses to this giveaway, but then again, who wouldn’t want $500 in free promotional products?

We have another great company to feature this month. April’s winner is Heather’s Travel Deals from Upland, California, and we couldn’t be more excited for her! Heather Allison has been helping people get away from their daily lives and relax since 2009. She said her goal as a travel agent is to provide a great customer service experience for those looking to book vacations, destination weddings, group getaways, and trips to Mars (OK, maybe I made that last one up).

Heather has ordered promotional products from us before, but she chose a couple new products to give out to both her longtime and new customers. Heather said she chooses promotional products that are practical items she would use on her own vacations. We think her customers will find both of these products useful on their trips out of town!


Heather spent her $500 winnings on the Rotate OTG Ultimate Flash Drive 2GB. It lets users download the photos taken on their phones directly to the flash drive and then easily upload them to a computer. Perfect for a vacation! She plans to hand these out to her loyal, repeat customers and group leaders.

“With a majority of my clients using their smart phones for the cameras, I thought it would be great if they had an easy way to transfer their pictures to their computer, or have back-up storage if their camera memory gets full,” Heather says.

Heather also got the Lip Balm and Sunstick product, another obvious choice that she believes her customers will love use while they are soaking up the rays in a tropical location.

“I am adding those items that I am so thankful for winning to the rest of my giveaways like luggage grips, zippered bank bags that I use as travel document holders, and stylus pens,” says Heather.  “They are all from Quality Logo Products®.”

Usually her clients will get travel documentation about 2 to 4 weeks before their vacations, and Heather likes to send some promotional products in their travel packets. I have to say, that’s a pretty brilliant idea. How exciting would it be to get some free stuff to use while you’re out traveling? We think that with their new swag from QLP, Heather’s customers will be pretty excited when they book a vacation through her company! Congrats, Heather!

So keep those applications coming in and maybe your small business could be featured next month. Also, check out our March winner in case you missed it. And don’t worry — like I said at the beginning of this post, we are just getting started handing out promotional products. The last two months have been pretty fun, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

So if you run a small business, head on over here, fill out the form, and let us know what you’d do with $500 in free promotional products!

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  1. Anthony

    Again, this is amazing! Not to mention, Heather made an awesome choice on going with some new tech-savvy swag! Plus, the print on the USB’s look very nice, professional, and does a nice job of sticking out! Helping out small businesses like this can help promote our industry more since it can give small companies a chance to begin promoting their brand if they get selected! I say keep trying to win because who doesn’t like free stuff!? Thanks for the great post Shaun and thank you QLP for continuing to do this awesome promotion!! 😀

  2. Bret Bonnet

    Congratulations Heather for winning and thank you for being a loyal customer of Quality Logo Products.

    There is no greater satisfaction than seeing our products being used effectively by our customers to build their brands and improve their bottom line.

    Promotional Products for president! 🙂

  3. Leo

    Congratulations Heather! This an awesome win! Keeping our clients happy is our goal. We pride ourselves on our Customer Service and would have it no other way. This is an amazing opportunity for our current clients, but more importantly it shows potential clients just what we are about! We can brag about ourselves here and brag about our clients too!

    When choosing an item for your brand, think of different scenarios in which your clients use these items. Will they keep it around? Will they pass it to a friend? How long will my logo be visible? One of my personal favorite pens is from a pizza joint. I asked the driver if I could keep it, and now I have a constant reminder of my delicious purchase and where I can get more! YUM! To everyone that submitted an entry, KEEP TRYING! Looks like there will be more to come.

  4. Kelly Bird

    Great idea getting the USB that can save the photos from your phone. Not only will it help people actually easily transfer to their computer or in-store printer but this virtually eliminates the need to have backup memory. I HATE it when I have to clean out my camera or phone photo drives because my device is out of memory.

    The lip balm and sun stick is another excellent choice combining two popular favorites into one piece that is convenient to always have with you.

    Heather is definitely a savvy promo shopper and her clients will be super lucky to get their hands on these summer goodies!

  5. Erin

    I love this contest and reading about the winning customers company and the items they choose every month. Congrats Heather and great product choices – both practical and promotional! I’m sure your clients will be thrilled. What a great idea with the USB storage, it’s the perfect giveaway for a traveler & an item that will be used over and over again. Your logo looks awesome on both pieces – way to take advantage of that full color imprint on the lip balms. Other travelers are sure to notice your brand on these!

  6. Heather Allison

    Thank you again Quality Logo Products. I just sent out my second shipment of travel documents with the awesome 2 in one lip balm/sunstick and it has been a huge hit.

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