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Spotlight: Give Your Brand a Hand Winner March 2015: Joel Ott & Fletchergraphics!

We make it no secret that QLP loves startups and entrepreneurs. You might remember that just a brief while ago, we announced our Give Your Brand a Hand Giveaway for small businesses.  We were pretty excited about the opportunity to give away a $500 credit to use on whatever the heart of their business desired. And not just once – once a month until someone tells us to stop.

Well, we’re jazzed and delighted and pleased as punch (and other excited-sounding words) to announce our first winner!

Last month we chose Joel Ott of Fletchergraphics as our first Give Your Brand a Hand Giveaway winner. Joel’s business focuses on web design, brand development, logo design, illustration, and quite a bit more. He is pretty much a graphic design master, collaborating with lots of cool businesses on their packaging, websites, and corporate branding.

He is also a do-gooder in his community. Based out of The Colony, Texas, Joel participates in a lot of charity runs in the fight against cancer, including the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and The Colony Half. He thought that one of the best ways to share his brand would be to give away water bottles at these events, providing some much needed hydration to his fellow participants.

This refreshing idea caught our attention, and the rest is history. We let Joel know he’d won, and he excitedly went to work picking out his prize (these neat 21 oz. Recycled BPA Free Sports Bottles) and sending over his logo for us to put on them.

His water bottles just arrived, and he was cool enough to send us over a picture of his branded water bottles. Honestly? They look amazing.


I’m a big fan of the cool blue and bold black! Hopefully these will become the participants’ go-to water bottles, wherever their running takes them. And if the runners find they need a designer sometime in the future? Well, they know how to get in touch with him.

So, congrats, Joel! We’re hoping these bottles bring you tons of business and endear you to many thirsty marathoners. Keep an eye on the blog, because Joel’s first event is in May, so we’ll definitely follow up with him to see how much people loved them!

If you’ve got a great idea of some stuff your logo would look amazing on and you’re interested in winning some swag for your business, check out our guidelines and entry form here! Who knows, you could be featured right here on our blog, showing off your winnings!

UPDATE (5/6/2015): 

Joel participated in his local American Cancer Society Relay for Life event on May 1. We checked in with him to see if it was a record-smashing, fundraising success (and if his water bottles helped carry participants to glory) and he said:

“We gave about 30 away with every auction that was completed. $13,548 was raised.”

He also sent along this picture of his water bottles in action.


Way to go, Joel!


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  1. Bret Bonnet

    That’s $500 of FREE promotional products – not to shabby!

  2. Lauren

    Love the water bottles! I’m sure Joel will be excited to receive the bottles and start promoting his brand. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kat D.

    Congrats to Joel!!!! How cool for him! And how cool for QLP to be offering something like this! We wouldn’t be in business if even the smallest of businesses weren’t in business so it’s awesome to see us giving back to these companies in the early part of their existence.

  4. PMO

    This is awesome!

    So great to see winners actually winning. It seems like so many sweepstakes and contests are forgotten about and not much focus is given to the winners.

    Actually makes me think this dude has a shot at winning something someday!

  5. Jon

    This was such a cool contest – I was recommending it to a lot of my customers looking to do a lot on a little budget.

    I am sorry to see the contest come to a close, but it looks like Joel was a great person to send them to – he had a cool logo to throw on them and its even better that he followed up with that glamour shot of the pieces.

    Congrats Joel, have fun passing those out around your community – I couldn’t think of a better way for you to spend $0 😉

  6. Jen

    How cool! Congrats Joel! It seems like this prize went into very deserving hands.

    Nothing is more fun than collaborating with a customer on a unique, fun giveaway. I’m excited to see what other companies we get to work with on the free swag. No business is too small–everyone needs promo products (and everyone likes FREE 🙂 )!

  7. Jay Hoffman

    It sounds like you (randomly) picked the right company! I’m sure that the free water bottles he’s giving away for the charity run will be a testament to the effectiveness of promo products. Brand awareness doesn’t always have to be specifically aimed at a particular demographic or even industry-specific, although it can help. I’m the type of person who believes that good will can and will go a long way. It sounds like Joel holds that same sentiment. Especially with the popularity of 5k’s and all different types of themed charity runs, this is becoming a larger and larger sector of our industry. Over the years we’ve seen it go from almost all charity-driven to themed runs like the Ditka Dash and Color Run. I don’t think these events, especially the charity ones that Fletchergraphics takes part in will be going away any time soon. It’s great to create brand awareness, but if you can also help out a charity at the same time, even better. It’s a win-win. OR, in this case, a win-win-win with the free bottles. Congrats to Joel and keep up the good work. Heck, you just might win again!!!

  8. Chuck

    WOW! $500 in free promo products!! I can honestly say I have never heard a company give away free stuff like this! Awesome!

    Congrats to Joel for winning the free gear and now he can give those sweet bottles out to his customers and then as his business grows, he can come back and get even cooler promo gear to expand his brand!

    This is such an awesome idea, I am happy to be a part of it.

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