When we were kids, it was extremely easy to get a bit of exercise into our day. During the weekends, we’d run around and play outside with our friends. Some of us may have even been on soccer or volleyball teams. If that wasn’t enough, we could always release our energy during recess or gym class.

It’s not so easy to squeeze time into the day for fitness as you get older. This is especially difficult for those who work in education, particularly teachers. A good teacher is always on the clock, critically thinking about the world, self-reflecting, and coming up with new ideas. As such, it’s next to impossible for them to get the sleep, nutrition, and exercise they need to stay energized in the classroom.

That’s exactly why certified trainer Nicco Zenere started Health Coaching HQ, a wellness program that makes it easier for teachers to ease health and fitness into their daily routines.

“I’ve seen thousands of times where people are so fed up and frustrated they give up. I want to coach my clients so they can move forward on their own and live a healthier life.” – Nicco, Owner of Health Coaching HQ

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More Than An Apple a Day

Health Coaching HQ does exactly what their name suggests, training teachers on how to introduce wellness habits into their normal everyday lives.

After all, they need a lot more to stay healthy than the occasional apple and a week of appreciation. It’s exhausting work running a classroom. There are tests to grade, field trips to organize, and lesson plans to create, and on top of all that, the world is constantly evolving. As an instructor, you need to keep up with the times– making sure to have STEM integrated in the classroom, understanding common core, and dealing with wayward kids who are more comfortable blowing spitballs and making lewd comments than joining a discussion circle.

Health Coaching

After a long day, the warm welcome of the couch and a bag of potato chips seem a lot more appealing than veggies and hitting the treadmill. According to Nicco, most teachers turn to this bad behavior when they feel ready to pull their hair out. An average day in the classroom is enough to drive anyone crazy and staying in to watch “The Bachelor” seems like a good way to unwind. That’s why Nicco’s goal is to get to the root of things and understand how his clients feel about fitness and health.

Building Our Future Leaders

At the end of the day, teachers are responsible for molding young minds and building future generations. This is why it’s alarming to know a reported 46% of them feel overstressed, which interferes with their health, sleep, quality of life, and overall performance in the classroom.

“The students are actually getting a greater education because their teacher is active and ready to help them.” – Nicco

The teacher is often considered the role model in the environment. If they are embodying a healthy lifestyle, and incorporating this behavior into their personal lives, they are in turn encouraging their kids to follow similar behaviors. Furthermore, they can bring active activities into the classroom. Whether it’s organizing nature walks, signing up for a charity race, or hopping on the swing at recess, teachers are more inclined to build better, stronger relationships with their students when they have physical and mental energy.

One Step at a Time

Nicco is a certified trainer and health coach with a degree in Kinesiology and experience working as a Director of Fitness for the hit show, “The Biggest Loser.” He started Health Coaching a little over a year ago after seeing his mother and sister, both teachers themselves, struggle to make time for their health.

The wellness program offered through Health Coaching HQ is scientifically-tested and follows the five simple S’s:  simple, segmental, sequential, strategic, and supported. Over the course of 12 months, Nicco works directly with his clients and offers an easy game plan that introduces a new habit each day. Furthermore, his program includes 5Ks or fitness classes, group meetings, and daily emails with reminders of what the client should focus on for the day. The teachers become the students, learning how much they’re capable of achieving and what behaviors are best for them. At the end of his program, teachers receive a “graduation” where they leave with much more than a diploma. They have become well-oiled machines with a completely new outlook on the way they live their lives.

The results have been phenomenal with educators feeling completely transformed by his program. Through his career as a trainer, Nicco’s helped close to 50,000 people change their lifestyles and improve their health. Collectively, his clients have lost over 900,000 pounds!

One client in particular felt a new positive shift toward her body image after completing Nicco’s program.

A Brand New Day

Health Coaching HQ is a relatively new startup in Evergreen Park, Illinois. With most of his time and energy dedicated to his clients, Nicco can use some assistance in getting the word out there. He’d like to continue actively working with school districts and promoting his program through various events.

Health Coaching HQ Mugs

Promotional products, like the ones offered at Quality Logo Products®, are Nicco’s workout partner, ready to do the heavy lifting when it comes to getting the word out there about his business. With classy mugs featuring an inspirational quote, Health Coaching HQ hopes to reach even more clients. This mug will be a reminder every day to stay on track with the habits and to think about good health.

Health Coaching Apple Stress Relievers

Nicco was also able to tailor his promotional giveaways to his target audience of overstressed teachers. Cute apple stress relievers can sit right on their desks in the classroom. They will can use this fun promo to stay on track with healthy eating. Not to mention, one squeeze is all it takes to leave worries behind when the bell rings.

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