You want the guests at your event to have a good time, whether it’s a major work conference, wedding, or award ceremony. Aside from delicious desserts and free drinks, the way to win over the crowd is simple – goodie bags or favors!

One of the best items to put inside is custom lip balm. You can choose a tasty flavor and a stylish look… all for a low price that won’t break the bank. Here’s how to customize lip balm for your next event!

Why Do You Need Lip Balm?

You’re likely ordering personalized lip balm for a specific purpose. They’re common favors or giveaways for any of the following:

Wedding or Bridal Shower

The reception is hands down everyone’s favorite part of a wedding. Turn it up a notch by putting stylish lip balm at every table for your guests. Lip balm is also a good item to slip inside gift bags for your bridal party.

Baby Shower

Give your guests something to remember your special celebration. An egg or ball-shaped lip balm looks adorable if you fit it inside a “thank you” card and make it look like a baby bump!


Your non-profit can make extra money by selling custom lip balm at your next fundraiser. Charge a reasonable $1 to $2 each and pick an irresistible flavor like cupcake, or an unusual flavor like pizza!

Cosmetic Company

Duh, lip balm is perfect for cosmetic companies! Put the balm in a toiletry bag along with other beauty products like hair ties and eyeshadow. You can then offer the entire bag as a free gift with purchase.

Spa or Salon

It’s not unusual to spend a long time at a salon, whether it’s for a massage, pedicure, or haircut. Make sure your guests are comfortable with lip balm in the reception area. You’ll get a ton of people buying one if you dream up a fun design to print on the tube.


The cold winter months are primetime for sniffles, coughs, and dry lips! Every pharmacy should be stocked with not only tissues and hand sanitizer, but also medicated lip balm. Sell some that are printed with your pharmacy’s name and/or logo.

Stocking Stuffers

Move over, Santa Claus! You’ll be the real gift giver if you stuff each stocking with lip balm. This is an excellent idea for employee gifts, or if you have an event scheduled near the holiday season.

Trade Shows

Your trade show booth should be full of tchotchkes, whether it’s a simple pen or a trendy lip balm. Free stuff is the best way to get people interested in your display.

You can customize lip balms as giveaways or gifts for a number of events. They’re inexpensive, practical items that boys and girls of all ages will love receiving!

Tips for Customizing Lip Balm

So maybe you didn’t major in design in college, but that’s okay! Here’s what you should keep in mind when customizing lip balm:

  1. Choose a tasty flavor.
  2. Be smart with your colors.
  3. Go for a stylish tube or container.
  4. Pair your lip balm with other items.

#1: Choose a Tasty Flavor

Dermatologists recommend sticking with unscented lip balms made from organic ingredients. However, if you’re trying to win over a crowd or give out memorable gifts, it’s a better idea to be a little more creative with your flavors.

Try any of the following lip balm flavors!

Banana Cream
Caramel Latte
Mint Chocolate Chip
Piña Colada
Mixed Berry
Cotton Candy
Orange Zest

Keep in mind, people aren’t going to immediately know the flavor at first glance. Consider making a little sign that says: “watermelon scented” or “tastes like real bananas!” You’re going to get way more interest in your lip balm that way.

#2: Be Smart With Your Colors

A colorful lip balm will get more attention than something plain and simple. You have two options when it comes to printing your design:

Option A: Full Color Label

Full color printing is a good idea for lip balm tubes. The design is printed on a decal and wrapped around. Take for instance the balm featured here. The colorful sunset makes you think of paradise and all the colors are included in the price!

Option B: Screen Printed With 1 Ink Color

Screen printing is the more cost-effective option. Choose a bright container and print your design in one color on the front. The lip balm pictured here, for instance, is easy to notice with its blue color, so the “It’s a Boy!” only has to be printed in white to still look awesome.

You’re going to pay less to print 1 color than you will to print in full color. The choice is ultimately yours so think about how you want your final design to look and go from there.

Are you going with screen printing? Get a pop of color from the lip balm container instead of the ink imprint. There’s a whole rainbow of options!

#3: Go for a Stylish Tube or Container

Lip balm is typically sold in tubes, but you have other options as well! It pays to be creative, especially if you want your gifts or giveaways to be more exciting.

Here are some ideas:

Metallic Ball

Gold, silver, or any other metallic container is a stylish alternative to traditional colors. With their ornamental look, these lip balms are particularly fun for the holidays.

Bright Color

A bright color is a lot more attractive than a neutral one. Try to match your lip balm containers to your wedding or logo colors.

Golf Ball

Prepare for your next outing with golf ball shaped lip balms. They’re also fun souvenirs to have on hand at golf clubs and mini golf courses.

Lipstick Tube

Your lip balm will look less medicinal and more fashionable if it’s inside of a tube that looks like lipstick. This style is well-suited to cosmetic companies or upscale stores or boutiques.


Ball or egg-shaped lip balms are pretty popular, but you’ll really stand out by printing your design on cubes instead. Bring these along to a fundraiser or trade show.


Go for rustic charm with woodgrain lip balm containers. The lighter color looks like a little coconut and is a great addition to summertime events!

Built-In Mirror

Spas and salons can’t go wrong with these dual mirror/lip balms. You can easily apply this balm without missing a spot or getting gunk all over your face!

Heart Shaped

Feel the love by printing your design on heart-shaped lip balm containers. These are perfect for Valentine’s Day, and of course, as wedding favors.


A funky striped lip balm container is a lot more interesting than one that’s plain and simple. Try to match the color to the flavor, such as yellow for banana.


Millennials and Gen Z’ers will go crazy over iridescent lip balms. This look is super popular and an easy way to make your lip balm look trendy.

#4: Pair Your Lip Balm With Other Items

Imagine opening a goodie bag to only see a single lip balm inside. Talk about a serious letdown! Put even more in your favor bags to make them more interesting and exciting.

Try any of the following:

Candy or Snacks

Cookies, mini chocolates, and popcorn tins are always a great addition to favor bags. If you want to get really creative, match the flavor of the lip balm to the treat inside of the bags. Strawberry shortcake, anyone?

Drink Tumblers

You’ll be sipping in style if you add a custom design to drink tumblers. Pick a color that works well with the color of your lip balm containers. You can even make it extra trendy by using mason jars with colorful straws!

Stylus Pens

People spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones every single day. Give them an easy way to both play games and write down their to-do lists by pairing your lip balms with stylus pens.

Cosmetic Bags

If you work in the beauty industry, it only makes sense to pair lip balm with cosmetic bags. In fact, you can put the balm inside with other toiletries like combs, nail polishes, makeup wipes, and scented lotion.

Socks or Slippers

Send all the cozy vibes by giving everyone on your guest list custom socks or slippers. Think about putting these in the favor bags with lip balm at a wintertime event.


Kissing the chef is way easier if you pair your lip balm with custom kitchenware. Aprons are an excellent choice, but you also can’t go wrong with microwave safe mugs or oven mitts.


A journal is always a good gift. Choose a stylish cover and print a clever message or eye-catching design on the front.

Why Should You Customize Lip Balm?

You should customize lip balm because it’s a useful and inexpensive giveaway. Lip balm is something that everyone uses, so your gift isn’t going to go to waste. Plus, there are a ton of tasty flavors and cool containers to choose from!

The Bottom Line

You can design your very own lip balm without a background in graphics! Simply follow the tips above to get started. A wedding, trade show, fundraiser, or any other event will be much better if you show up with free favors for everyone to bring home. Custom lip balm is a good start!

About the author

Alyssa Mertes

Alyssa is a promo expert with over four years of experience in the industry. She is the Lead Copywriter at Quality Logo Products and has had work published for the Promotional Products Association International and the Advertising Specialty Institute.