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You likely already use microfiber to clean your home or vehicle, but have you ever considered using it to advertise your business, event, or charity? Microfiber is a durable material that also makes a practical giveaway.

Learn how you can advertise using microfiber cloths in ways you might not have thought about before. Regardless of which industry you’re in, chances are advertising with microfiber is applicable to you!

Who Can Use Microfiber Cloths to Advertise?

The truth is anyone can use microfiber cloths to advertise. There are plenty of creative ways to promote your business you might not have thought about before, all of which include using microfiber!

Yoga Studio

If you own a yoga studio, or want to promote a grand opening, you can advertise your business with microfiber! Put your design on a yoga towel so your guests can wick away sweat and keep their mats dry. You can also customize microfiber apparel as uniforms for instructors!

Tip: Give out a customized microfiber towel as a freebie for a new client signing up for classes!


Microfiber towels are ideal for gyms. Clients can use custom microfiber cloths to clean equipment after use, wipe away sweat while working out, or to keep hands dry while lifting. Encouraging clients to use microfiber towels will also reduce the waste produced by paper towels, making your gym eco-friendly.

Tip: Hold a monthly contest at your gym for weight loss or personal goals. The winner can receive a gift basket including branded microfiber towels!

Car Dealership

Car dealerships are tasked with keeping all the cars on their lot clean, dust-free, and ready to be sold at any time. Microfiber cloths are great to have on hand to give the interior and exterior a quick wipe-down before a test drive.

Tip: When someone buys a new car, give them a branded microfiber cloth to keep inside their vehicle for dusting or cleaning!

Sports Team

Sports fans love gear for their favorite team from little league all the way to the professionals. A microfiber rally towel makes a fun and cost-effective promotional item for sports teams.

Tip: Get fans excited by handing out microfiber rally towels to the first 100 fans at the next game!

Car Wash

Microfiber is an amazing fabric for cleaning and detailing cars. Use them to wax the exterior, dust the interior, or remove fingerprints and smudges from the windows.

Tip: Keep branded microfiber towels handy for customers to self-detail their vehicles.

Regardless of your industry, microfiber can be used to advertise upcoming events, a grand opening, or even just as part of a marketing campaign.

How Can Microfiber Be Customized?

When you customize microfiber, there are three main imprint methods your logo can be added to the material. This includes:

  • Embroidery
  • Digital printing
  • Screen printing


Microfiber that is embroidered will have your design stitched into the fabric. The color options are endless for this imprint method, because each thread color is stitched individually. Embroidery is recommended for microfiber clothing.

Digital Printing

If you have a full-color image or logo, digital printing is a great option. An inkjet printer will print your design onto a microfiber item like a mouse pad, pouch, or cloth.

Screen Printing

Screen printing involves a machine that forces ink through a screen with your design onto the microfiber item. This imprint method is the most cost-effective and works best with single-color designs. Microfiber clothing can be customized using this method, along with cloths and towels.

The best way to select the right imprint method for microfiber is to first determine which microfiber item you want to customize, then consider how the item will be used.

How to Get Creative with Microfiber

If you want to advertise your business with microfiber, it doesn’t have to be only with cloths! In fact, there are several other ways to customize microfiber to advertise your business.

MopTopper Pen

These fun pens feature a smiley face with frizzy hair made of soft microfiber! Your customers can use this pen to write notes, and then flip it upside down to use the microfiber as a screen cleaner. This pen also includes a handy stylus tip.

Mobile Device Stand

This mobile device stand features the same frizzy microfiber hair as the MopTopper pen, but it is also a squishy stress reliever. Your customers will appreciate a multi-use giveaway that has three functions in one small item.

Microfiber Clothing

Microfiber clothing is breathable, long-lasting, and virtually wrinkle free. The material is also moisture-wicking, making it a great giveaway item for golfers, tennis players, and other athletes.

Lens Cloth and Cleaner

You can purchase mini lens cleaning kits that include a microfiber cloth to wipe glasses clean. This small giveaway can easily be kept in a desk drawer, car, or purse and will certainly come in handy.

Fun-Shaped Cloths

If you want to advertise with a traditional microfiber cloth, you can still put a unique spin on it by giving it a fun shape. Consider the shape of a heart, star, house, or circle. Make your promotional item stand out from the rest!

Mouse Pad

Mouse pads are extra handy for people who work on computers all day because they help the mouse move easier. The top of a mouse pad can be made of microfiber, and printed with a full color logo for an eye-catching design.

Stress Reliever

Similar to the MopTopper and mobile device holder, this smiley stress reliever has screen-cleaning microfiber for hair! This it a perfect item for a desk decoration and serves the purpose of relieving stress and wiping away fingerprints.

Microfiber Pouch

A microfiber pouch can protect a smart phone, sunglasses, or eyeglasses from scratches and clean them when necessary. Add your design to the exterior, and your customers will be taking your brand everywhere they go.

You might not have known that you can advertise with microfiber in so many ways. From apparel to stress-relievers, microfiber can be customized to fit your advertising needs.

The Bottom Line

Microfiber comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and therefore makes a practical and useful promotional giveaway. Custom microfiber can be tailored to your business from mouse pads for the office to towels for a yoga studio. Get creative with this dynamic fabric!

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