Plain, boring yellow sticky notes just aren’t very much fun. Sure, they get the job done, but they don’t have a ton of personality. That’s the beauty of custom sticky notes!

An unusual shape, bright color, or eye-catching design can totally transform your notetaking. Here are some of tips on how to customize your sticky notes!

Who Can Use Custom Sticky Notes?

Basically any event or industry can print a design on sticky notes. However, they work particularly well as giveaways for the following:

New Offices

Are you opening a new office? Celebrate the occasion with sticky notes at every employee’s desk. You can print your logo on each sheet and help your team take pride in their fancy new workspace.


Whether you sell them in the bookstore or hand them out on orientation day, sticky notes in your school colors are a must. They’ll keep students on track, so no more excuses about turning in late homework!

Medical Centers

You have new patients coming in and out of your medical center all day. It can be easy to get distracted, or forget about certain tasks. A few sticky notes at the reception desk are going to be appreciated by your staff.


It takes a ton of work to care for young kids all day. Keep sticky notes in your daycare center so you can remember the little stuff. You can also use any leftover sheets for art projects!

Law Firms

While you probably already have a fancy Moleskine notebook, you still can’t go wrong with sticky notes at your law firm. You’ll never be found guilty of being unorganized!

Finance Companies

Mortgage companies, banks, credit unions, and accountants can all use sticky notes. Keep a pad at every desk and stay on track with daily tasks!


Chapter five has been particularly difficult, and you have a serious case of writer’s block. Write a few ideas on a sticky note, put your manuscript to the side, and come back to work on it again later.


Do you have a fundraiser around the corner? Come prepared with free giveaways for the crowd! Sticky notes are a low cost item, and you can even get awareness ribbon shaped ones that support your cause.

Tips for Customizing Sticky Notes

Sticky notes may be little pieces of paper, but they can still look cool! Just follow these design tips:

  1. Choose an interesting shape.
  2. Order in bulk.
  3. Print in full color.
  4. Bundle with other office supplies.

#1: Choose an Interesting Shape

Square sticky notes are good and all, but you have so many more options! Try any of the following:


Great for: Writers, students, new offices


Great for: Sports leagues, eco-friendly initiatives, restaurants


Great for: Realtors, mortgage companies, home insurance

Dollar Sign

Great for: Finance companies, sales & promotions, financial advisors


Great for: Dentists, toothpaste manufacturers, surgeons


Great for: Clothing stores, travel agencies, fashion designers


Great for: St. Patrick’s Day events, Irish pubs, casinos


Great for: Schools, grocery stores, farmer’s markets


Great for: Non-profits & charities, cardiologists, Valentine’s Day events


Great for: Award ceremonies, museums, nighttime events

Paw Print

Great for: Pet stores, animal shelters, veterinarians


Great for: Daycares, kid-friendly events, magic shows

#2: Order Sticky Notes in Bulk

People go through sticky notes quickly. They’re using them to write out reminders and lists throughout the day, and sometimes it’s only one note per sheet. For this reason, it’s better for your budget to order a higher quantity.

You should aim to order at least 500 sets of sticky notes per order. This will give you between 12,500 to 25,000 sheets of paper to work with if you’re using them at your office. If not, you have 500 sets of sticky notes to hand out as giveaways or gifts!

#3: Print in Full Color

You’re supposed to notice a sticky note when it’s on your monitor or hanging on a corkboard. With that in mind, you should print your design in full color.

Try any of the following!

Print Your Design on Each Sheet

Cover the entire sticky note from top to bottom with your design. All of the colors are included in the price, so feel free to go crazy! In this example, The Top Root printed a cute cow in a pasture.

Print Your Design on the Sides

A stylish cube of sticky notes can be the best desk accessory! Who wouldn’t comment on the rocking design printed on the outside of this sticky note set?

Print Your Design on a Sticky Note Book

Why should the regular sticky notes have all the fun? Sticky note flags are just as good and are housed in little booklets. You can add a design in full color on the front, such as the “Plainsboro Banking” logo pictured here.

You could just go to an office supply store and get any old sticky notes. However, you’re choosing to customize yours instead. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be bold and colorful!

#4: Bundle Your Sticky Notes with Other Office Supplies

A custom set of sticky notes is nice, but if you’re giving out gifts, it’s much better to bundle them with other office supplies. Fill up a few gift bags with sticky notes and all of the following items:


Like peanut butter and jelly or cookies and milk, pens are a natural pair with sticky notes. Choose one with an interesting topper or that writes in a rainbow of colors!

Desktop Accessory

Paperweights, mini globes, or picture frames are all fun extras to include with your sticky notes. They help make a desk or cubicle not only organized, but also stylish.

Mug with Lid

People who frequently use sticky notes are likely on the go all the time. Make their lives easier by giving them a mug with a lid. The precious coffee will stay inside the cup where it belongs!


You’re already giving out sticky notes, so why not go the extra mile with personalized highlighters? Notetaking is about to go to a whole new level!

Day Planner

Day planners are great for managers, students, and anyone else with a full schedule. They’re like one big sticky note that will last for the entire year!

Why Should You Customize Sticky Notes?

When it comes to custom gifts, the best ones are stylish and useful. Sticky notes check off both these boxes!

People will use their custom sticky notes all the time, and if you are creative with your design, they’ll also be trendy and irresistible! After all, who wouldn’t love a unicorn shaped sticky note set?!

The Bottom Line

Don’t be a square when it comes to customizing sticky notes! You’ve got a world of fun shapes and bright colors in front of you. Start with these design tips, and above all, have fun with the process!

About the author

Alyssa Mertes

Alyssa is a promo expert with over four years of experience in the industry. She is the Lead Copywriter at Quality Logo Products and has had work published for the Promotional Products Association International and the Advertising Specialty Institute.