Sticky Notes Frequently Asked Questions

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 Spencer Silver and Arthur Fry

Who Invented the Post It?

The Post-it Note was invented by Spencer Silver and Arthur Fry, both of whom were scientists at 3M. Silver created the microspheres that make Post-its stick, while Fry had the genius idea of sticking them to the back of paper.

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How Are Post Its Made?

Post-it Notes are made using a specific formula developed by 3M. The process involves fitting the paper with the adhesive, stacking it together into one giant pad, and pressing it down to create a firm grip.

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Bees wax

What is the Best Sticky Note Art?

Artists across the country have made incredible works of art using sticky notes. This includes: pixel wall art in a Google office, a bedroom installation in California, and even a giant replica of the Mona Lisa!


How Do You Customize Sticky Notes?

It's very easy to customize your sticky notes in bulk. Hop online and search for a promotional products distributor. They'll help get your design printed!

More than 1 million sticky note pads sold last year.


of sticky notes that were ordered last year featured a full color imprint.

The majority of sticky note pads in this category feature 25 sheets.

August and April are the most popular months to order sticky notes.