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Give Your Brand a Hand: Learning Illumination Center October 2017

When you’re a young athlete, it’s easy to believe the sky is the limit for your career. Whether you dream of competing in the Olympics or making it big in the NBA, star players often have one-track minds when it comes to their future. Learning Illumination Center hopes to counter this by offering interactive workshops on life skills, college/career planning, and professional development to student athletes. This nonprofit’s mission is one we proudly stand behind through our Give Your Brand a Hand giveaway.

Give Your Brand a Hand is Quality Logo Products’ monthly giveaway, created with small businesses such as Learning Illumination Center in mind.  Applicants who make less than $1 million in annual revenue and have fewer than 50 employees can enter for their chance at securing $500 in free promotional products. Our team hand-picks the recipients based on their organization’s mission and their answer to the question: “What would you do with $500 in promo items?”

Lighting the Path to Success

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Learning Illumination Center provides young athletes the information they need to be successful in the future through interactive workshops. They stress the importance of choosing the right classes, preparing for testing, and finding scholarship opportunities. By hosting these free workshops, Learning Illumination Center helps every step of the way on a student athlete’s path to the future. Can you expect anything less from an organization from North Carolina, the same state where Michael Jordan went to college?

Anything can happen as an athlete where your athletic career can go down the tubes, but no one can take education away from you. – Karen Parker, Executive Director

For this nonprofit, it isn’t about deterring kids from having dreams of making it in pro sports. On the contrary, it’s about setting up realistic expectations for how to get there and why it’s important to have more than just your athleticism. Some of these athletes have prospects of making it in professional sports, while others need a fallback plan in case their ambitions fall through.

Everyone Deserves a Chance

Take it from former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper who suffered a career-shattering injury during the 2004 season. “You get frustrated when you don’t win and when you’re not successful. You have to keep battling. You don’t give up.” If a top draft pick for the NFL like Culpepper could see his career unexpectedly come to an end, it could happen to anyone.

All sorts of things can happen that they don’t mention, but a lot of kids think they’re going on to be Tom Brady or LeBron James. – Karen

Learning Illumination Center speaks for the student who may not come from an upper-class background, but still has dreams of making it in the pros. The kids who blew their chances at making it into the NFL because they weren’t paying enough attention in school. Maybe even the one like Daunte Culpepper who suffered an injury and aren’t sure what their next steps should be.

Promo Slam Dunk!

A fairly young nonprofit, Learning Illumination Center wants to get the word out to middle schools and youth sports organizations about their workshops. It’s about reaching the kids who have dreams of making it in sports, but aren’t sure how to get there. The nonprofit ordered custom sports stress balls to give away at an after-school enrichment program at Zebulon GT Middle School. The players on the court were thrilled to have such a squishy giveaway to bring home!

It was truly an honor working with Learning Illumination Center, and we can’t wait to help another organization spread awareness for their cause. Are you a small business owner looking for a marketing boost?

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