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Announcing the Winners of the 2016 QLP Supplier Awards!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Nah, not Christmas. Christmas is so last year, you know? Plus, if I drink any more eggnog, I’m going to float better than I already do.

No, I mean it’s time for what’s shaping up to be an annual tradition at Quality Logo Products®. Time for us to celebrate the manufacturing partners we loved working with most over the past year. Time to announce the winners of the 2016 QLP Supplier Awards!

In case you missed our previous announcement, or you weren’t around last year (when we did this for the first time!), here’s what this is all about: basically, Quality Logo Products works with suppliers, companies that make the incredible products that we sell to our customers. We know it’s hard work, so we came up with these awards to recognize the suppliers that we think are the best in the biz.

We voted internally, ranking our suppliers on factors like product selection, customer service, and all of that good stuff. Once we were done, there was one company that stood head, shoulders, and even elbows above the rest. Unlike last year, when only one point separated first place from second, this year saw our champion finish a comfy three points ahead of the next nifty supplier!

So who was it? Who was QLP’s top supplier this year? Who filled out the rest of the top ten? If I keep talking, will it make you even more curious? Nah, that’s not possible, I know! Without further ado, here are the top ten suppliers in the 2016 QLP Supplier Awards!

QLP 2016 Top-10-Suppliers-List

We love working with all of our suppliers. This year, Jetline, you made everything especially easy, from getting our sales teams’ orders set up to helping our blog writers do research for their posts. From the bottom of our hearts (and from the bottom of my squishy stress ball feet), thank you, and congrats!

Of course, we wanted to say thanks to as many of our suppliers as possible. That’s why some of our favorite suppliers got grouped together and recognized under their larger umbrella company (like Leed’s, Bullet Line, and Trimark, which are all part of Polyconcept North America). The result? We got to see some new faces in the top ten, which we don’t think is a bad thing.

And what do our winners get, you ask? Well, you saw our insanely creative trophies from 2015, right? We had to find a way to outdo ourselves this year. We think Stephen, our resident sculptural genius, came through.

Check out the first place 2016 trophy below!

QLP 2016 Supplier Awards 1st place

That’s right, Jetline – that beauty is all yours! We’ve got special trophies for second through tenth place, too. Check them out in order below: second place, third place, and the trophy style used from fourth through tenth place.

2016 QLP Supplier Awards 2nd place2016 QLP Supplier Awards 3rd place2016 QLP Supplier Awards 4th place

For all of our top ten suppliers, we also created this crest that we hope you’ll plaster all over your social media accounts, websites, computer desktops, whatever. Feel free to right-click and save it, or embed it anywhere with the handy-dandy embed code below the image!

2016 QLP Supplier Award

If you want to brag about your achievement (YEAH! DO IT!), feel free to copy/paste the embed code below to share our Supplier Awards badge on your blog or website!

[<p align=”center”><a href=””><img src=”” alt=”2016 QLP Supplier Award″/></a></p>]
We love celebrating with our business partners, so thank you again to Jetline and all of our other top ten suppliers. You make our work days wonderful, and you give us an excuse to make crazy constructions out of promotional products. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

Can’t wait to see who wins in 2017!

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  1. Kat D.

    Way to go JETLINE!! Woohoo!! You guys have rocked it out all year long for us and this is our thank you for that and an extension of our appreciation. Congrats to EVERY supplier who made the top ten. What an accomplishment! This just proves that great customer service can take you far. Cheers!

  2. Kelly Bird

    All VERY well deserved awards. We wouldn’t be who we are without our suppliers. Their partnership is what allows us to provide our clients with unmatched customer service and the most competitive pricing. Thanks to all of our vendors for everything they do to allow us to be a successful company. We couldn’t do it without you and you help make Quality Logo Products the BEST promotional products company in the industry.

  3. Kurt Vor Broker

    Congratulations to Jetline and all of our suppliers! The QLP team has outdone themselves this year to make the QLP Supplier Awards the most coveted prize in the industry. I mean, just look at how amazing those trophies are. Exceptional work by the Content Team, DE, Media Dept, OD, Sales, everyone who helped to make this year’s supplier awards so incredible. Thank you to Jetline for an amazing year and a great working relationship. Enjoy the sweet sweeeeet taste of victory!

  4. Jay

    I’m going to assume Stephen Signa did those. And if not, props to whoever did. They look…. awesome? 😉 Beats the heck out of a generic looking plaque or a run-of-the-mill trophy any day.

    Congrats to Jetline. I’m surprised to see the movement in the ‘rankings’ this year. #6 would be my #1 but hey… being in the top 10 out of what, 100, isn’t bad! It’s also nice to see Numo on there again! They keep getting better every year.

    Thanks to everyone at 1851 for their hard work! You guys do an awesome job on these every year.

  5. Rondell Caraos

    Congratulations Jetline! You have really stepped up your game this year and it was noticed here in the office! Congratulations to all our Top 10 Vendors actually! You all did an amazing job making our jobs that much easier. Thing may happen from time to time but it is the way you handle issues is what makes the difference in my book. Stephen did an amazing job on these. I saw them in person and the picture does not do it any justice. I’m pretty sure some of them even light up! Unlike Steve Harvey… we announced the correct winner! LOL! (I’m Filipino)

  6. Anthony

    Congrats Jetline! You guys deserve this the most! Every order that is placed with you is such a nice and easy process. When anything goes wrong, you guys always help no matter where the fault lies! Plus, everyone seems to like everything about your products so that’s a plus!! Woo! Although, all of the suppliers that have made it in the top ten are just as amazing! Thank you for making 2015 so awesome and I look forward to all of the future success 2016 has to offer with you guys! 😀

  7. Stacy Gruca

    YAY Jetline! So very exciting for you guys! Your continued dedication to our clients is spectacular. High five to all of the top 10 winners! I think you all have something special to offer our clients. I love that we are seeing the same companies as last year, shows your continued good work!

    Thanks to everyone at 1851 who put this together again this year. Props to the awesome trophies! Although, being the glitter enthusiast that I am… maybe some gold glitter here or there? Yes? Just kidding! Thanks again guys! Keep up the amazing work!

  8. Chase

    Congrats to all our suppliers who made the top ten! I’m super appreciative of Ariel this year and so hyped to see them in the #2 spot. Time and time again, these recognized suppliers pull through for us and I really don’t think I can thank them enough despite trying so I’m super glad we have a Stephen who can create such stylish trophies to say everything I can’t. Another great year of sales ahead, I wonder what suppliers will rise to the competition?!?

  9. Greg

    Congrats to all the suppliers in the top 10! You all have been a great asset to QLP’s success. It has been great to work with all of you and, looking forward to more of the great customer service in the new year! Lets make 2016 the best year yet! CONGRATS!!

  10. Autumn

    Congrats to all of our top 10 Vendors for going above and beyond to accomplish getting on this VIP list. You all have been great to work with and have provided the best customer service possible. The top congratulations have to go to Jetline for making the #1 spot! You have truly made it a pleasure to work with you! This proves that you have provided the best customers, which is truly needed to be a top performing company! It’s great to know that we have a wonderful companies like this to work with that we can count on to get things done when the going gets tuff! Thank you for making it so awesome to work with all of you! I can’t wait for all of the success we are all driving for this year to pan out as well. Congratulations again on all of the hard work, we truly appreciate it 🙂

  11. Leo

    Congratulations Jetline. You are always going above and beyond. Well deserved for the entire Jetline Team. They are so amazing! Yes, it’s about time we have recognized their awesomeness. This sweet trophy is only the most amazing one yet! Did you know that there is an LED Light also?!?! Yes! It lights up so that we can see Bubba standing proud. We couldn’t do the great work that we do without our vendors. They do so much for us and this is just one way we can thank them. Just one way we can announce it to the world! I know that we only have 10 places on our Top 10, but we have so many more Suppliers that help us out too

  12. Angie

    A big high 5 to Jetline. Joe Dworkin is amazing! He always is there to help out when needed, whether it be getting an order out faster than normal or problem resolution. Thanks to Jetline for making our jobs easier.

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