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How Do You Choose a Promotional Product?

Alyssa Mertes

Alyssa Mertes

Promo Expert

At Quality Logo Products, we provide thousands of promotional items to choose from on our website. Whether you're an advertising newbie or a seasoned promotional veteran, you may look at your product choices and ask, "Well, how do I pick one?!" Since each business has needs of its own, it's not uncommon for each one to run several promotional campaigns—each of which would work best with a different promo item!

Never fear! We have a little secret: choosing the right promotional product for your next big event can be easy. Just follow these four pieces of advice...

1) Know your target audience

Of course you want your business to have as many customers as possible! However, the services you offer or the goods you sell can't always be suited to everyone.

The same idea applies to promotional products. In order to choose a giveaway that will earn you plenty of goodwill from your customers, you should pick an item they'll enjoy or find useful. Makes sense, right? Well, how do you know what they'll like? Here are some handy questions you can use to define your target demographic.

What kind of product or service does my company offer customers? Is this promotional product related to what my company does?

What kind of giveaways do my competitors give their customers? What are they doing that my customers might like? What can I do to stand out?

What do the customers I want to attract have in common (age, geographic location, hobbies, etc.)?

2) Figure Out Your Budget

You have several expenses to consider while running your business, but your advertising budget may be the toughest one to calculate. After all, it's hard to know if a certain advertising method is going to work (and be a worthwhile use of your money) until you try it.

You'll find a few suggestions online for how much you should spend on advertising, but the number often suggested for a business's ad budget is about five percent of revenues, at least to start. Depending on the nature of your business, that five percent might get you different kinds of promotional items. If you're running a startup and working out of pocket, those customized leather briefcases might not be the best use of your promotional dollars! But if your investment firm is clearing millions of dollars each year, those gold-plated pens might be the client gift you're looking for.

There are promo products for every budget, and psst, Quality Logo Products can help you find them. Our website has a custom search function that helps you look for promotional products according to how big (or small) a budget you have.

3) Stick to your brand image

Consistency is key when it comes to promoting your company and your brand image. Why? Because it keeps people from getting confused about what you offer, and because knowing what to expect from your business makes it easy for customers to trust you. That's why logos, color schemes, and even typeface choices are repeated in company marketing materials: they establish a brand identity.

Your promotional products also present a great opportunity to show off your brand's image. If your company has a slogan, pick a product that highlights it. A rock-shaped stress reliever is great for businesses that help "build a solid foundation," for example. And don't choose a controversial product if you're going for a family-friendly image. Controversy has its place, but be sure you're ready for any potential consequences (and again, know your target audience!).

4) think about distribution

In order for your promotional products to do their job, there's one little thing that you absolutely, positively, without a doubt need to do: you have to get them in the hands of your customers!

How will you distribute your promotional products once you recieve them? There are plenty of ways and no shortage of reasons to give them out, but you might find that certain products are better than others for certain distribution plans.

So how do you know what customers will like? Here are some handy questions you can use to determine your target demographic:

Bulkier items like apparel and tumblers are ideal for trade shows, where your potential customers can take home their goodies in a tote bag (tote bags are also great for trade shows).

Expensive items like watches or fragile items like coffee mugs and wine glasses might be best given in person, in an environment that's not too hectic – say, at a fundraising event or company party.

If you're still not sure how to choose a promotional product, our customer service representatives are always ready to lend a hand with their knowledge and expertise. Armed with these four tips to begin, you'll be well on your way to finding a promotional item that's right for you!