Personalized Keychains Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
personalized keychains!


Who Invented Keychains?

The exact inventor of the keychain is hard to trace, but we do know that early keychains were used by ancient civilizations. These were considered amulets or luck tokens and were carried around on handmade twine.


How Are Keychains Made?

Keychains, such as the ones found in gift shops, are usually made through die cutting, injection molding, or on a stamping press. These processes are widely used and are typically a cost-effective way to make a bunch of keychains at one time.


What Are the Different Types of Keychains?

There are many types of keychains for you to choose from. These include ones made from different materials like metal, plastic, fabric, crystal, rubber, neoprene, glass, and wood.

High Tech Keychains.

What Are High-Tech Keychains?

High-tech keychains typically have digital screens or use some kind of battery to operate. They can include such essentials as flashlights, mini cameras, or tire gauges. One of the most popular high-tech keychains is the Tamagotchi® from the 90's!


Are Keychains Safe for Your Ignition?

Too many keychains is not always safe for your car's ignition. It's recommended that you try to keep your keyring less than 1 pound, which is about 1 to 4 keychains.


How Do You Customize Keychains?

You can customize your keychains using printing processes like screen printing, digital printing, or laser engraving. You'll save the most money if you work directly with an online distributor.

These are the top three keychains:

  • Western Saddle
    Key Tag
  • Whistle, Light, &
    Compass Keychain
  • Neoprene Wrist
    Strap Key Holder

Plastic is the most popular
material for keychains.

March is the most popular month for ordering keychains.

There were over 1 million
keychains sold last year.