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Custom Bag Clips

Custom bag clips are a great promotional product! You won't find lower prices anywhere else, plus we offer FREE setup on select promotional chip clips....

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  • Jumbo Magnetic Clip

    #1 Best Seller

    Jumbo Magnetic Clip

    $0.529 - $0.569 ea.

  • Magnetic Memo Holder/Clip
    Magnetic Memo Holder/Clip

    $0.445 - $1.07 ea.

  • Alligator Clip
    Alligator Clip

    $0.459 - $0.60 ea.

  • House and Home Power Clip
    House and Home Power Clip

    $0.682 - $1.43 ea.

  • Bag Clip (4")
    Bag Clip (4")

    $0.501 - $0.655 ea.

  • Plastic Power Clip
    Plastic Power Clip

    $0.452 - $0.591 ea.

  • House Clip Magnet
    House Clip Magnet

    $0.71 - $0.923 ea.

  • "Lil Chip" Chip Clip (4")
    "Lil Chip" Chip Clip (4")

    $0.522 - $0.683 ea.

  • Power Clip
    Power Clip

    $0.58 - $1.21 ea.

  • Jumbo Magnetic Memo Holder/Clip
    Jumbo Magnetic Memo Holder/Clip

    $0.70 - $1.39 ea.

  • Power Clip Jumbo
    Power Clip Jumbo

    $0.621 - $0.812 ea.

  • Mini Bag Clip
    Mini Bag Clip

    $0.35 - $0.452 ea.

  • Munch-it Clip
    Munch-it Clip

    $1.002 - $2.22 ea.

  • 4" Bag Clip
    4" Bag Clip

    $0.42 - $0.55 ea.

  • The Clipster Magnetic Memo Clip Pen Holder
    The Clipster Magnetic Memo Clip Pen Holder

    $0.743 - $1.19 ea.

  • House Keep-it Clip
    House Keep-it Clip

    $0.671 - $1.47 ea.

  • Round Shape Clip
    Round Shape Clip

    $0.56 - $0.729 ea.

  • 2" Mini Bag Clip with Magnet
    2" Mini Bag Clip with Magnet

    $0.414 - $1.36 ea.

  • Magnetic Clip
    Magnetic Clip

    $0.88 - $2.67 ea.

  • Large Bag Clip
    Large Bag Clip

    $0.492 - $0.643 ea.

  • "Big Chip" Bag Clip (6")
    "Big Chip" Bag Clip (6")

    $0.664 - $1.51 ea.

  • Magnetic Mega Clip
    Magnetic Mega Clip

    $0.825 - $2.27 ea.

  • Clip Clocks
    Clip Clocks

    $2.03 - $5.54 ea.

  • Magnum Magnetic Fridge Office Clip
    Magnum Magnetic Fridge Office Clip

    $0.63 - $1.50 ea.

  • House Shape Bag Clip
    House Shape Bag Clip

    $0.65 - $1.94 ea.

  • Jumbo Magna Clip
    Jumbo Magna Clip

    $0.88 - $3.11 ea.

  • Pet Paw Power Clip
    Pet Paw Power Clip

    $0.69 - $1.10 ea.

  • 6" Keep-It Clip
    6" Keep-It Clip

    $0.565 - $1.29 ea.

  • Tooth Magnet Clip
    Tooth Magnet Clip

    $0.892 - $2.21 ea.

  • Chip Bag Clip
    Chip Bag Clip

    $0.68 - $0.89 ea.

  • House Shape Clip
    House Shape Clip

    $0.743 - $1.19 ea.

  • Plastic Bag Clip
    Plastic Bag Clip

    $0.64 - $1.02 ea.

  • Heart Power Clip
    Heart Power Clip

    $0.682 - $1.43 ea.

  • Crocodile Clip
    Crocodile Clip

    $0.482 - $0.631 ea.

  • Business Card Magnet Clip
    Business Card Magnet Clip

    $0.99 - $2.41 ea.

  • Bag Clip (6")
    Bag Clip (6")

    $0.549 - $1.29 ea.

  • Magnetic House Clip
    Magnetic House Clip

    $1.09 - $1.81 ea.

  • Square Magnet Clip
    Square Magnet Clip

    $0.825 - $2.04 ea.

  • 2 1/2" Keep-it Clip
    2 1/2" Keep-it Clip

    $0.452 - $0.591 ea.

  • Star Clip Magnet
    Star Clip Magnet

    $0.713 - $0.932 ea.

  • Paw Keep-it Clip
    Paw Keep-it Clip

    $0.792 - $2.36 ea.

  • Super Star Power Clip
    Super Star Power Clip

    $0.73 - $2.01 ea.

  • 6" Dog Bone Bag Clip
    6" Dog Bone Bag Clip

    $0.701 - $2.06 ea.

  • 6" Bag Clip
    6" Bag Clip

    $0.743 - $1.19 ea.

  • Magna Clip
    Magna Clip

    $0.72 - $2.75 ea.

  • Flavor-Fresh Clip
    Flavor-Fresh Clip

    $0.529 - $1.10 ea.

  • Magnetic Rip N Clip Bag Clip
    Magnetic Rip N Clip Bag Clip

    $0.825 - $2.26 ea.

  • Wide Rectangle Clip
    Wide Rectangle Clip

    $0.743 - $1.19 ea.

  • Magnetic House Shaped Clip
    Magnetic House Shaped Clip

    $0.78 - $2.26 ea.

  • People Clips
    People Clips

    $2.50 - $4.00 ea.

  • House Magnetic Clip
    House Magnetic Clip

    $0.90 - $1.49 ea.

  • Paw Mega Magnet Clip
    Paw Mega Magnet Clip

    $1.002 - $2.01 ea.

  • House Magnet Clips
    House Magnet Clips

    $0.90 - $2.26 ea.

  • 2" Magnet Memo Clip
    2" Magnet Memo Clip

    $0.571 - $1.31 ea.

  • Mega Magnet Clip
    Mega Magnet Clip

    $0.80 - $1.61 ea.

  • Oval Power Clip
    Oval Power Clip

    $0.952 - $3.05 ea.

  • Magnetic Memo Clip (Original)
    Magnetic Memo Clip (Original)

    $0.904 - $1.51 ea.

  • Large Magnetic Memo Holder Clip
    Large Magnetic Memo Holder Clip

    $0.93 - $2.71 ea.

  • Chip Bag Clip (Wide)
    Chip Bag Clip (Wide)

    $0.86 - $1.12 ea.

  • Magnetic Memo Holder Clip
    Magnetic Memo Holder Clip

    $0.80 - $1.33 ea.

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    Keep Your Marketing Fresh with Custom Bag Clips from Quality Logo Products!

    How many times have you ripped into a bag of chips thinking about nothing else except the sweet satisfaction of shoveling a handful of savory snack food into your mouth? Of course, most of us don't finish an entire bag of chips in one sitting. Or, at least, most of us try not to. Then we're left with the fact that we have half a bag of newly opened chips on hand, and even though we don't want to eat them right away, we certainly don't want them to go stale. We recommend keeping those chips fresh with custom bag clips from Quality Logo Products!

    Your customers will appreciate having cheap personalized chip clips on hand, keeping their snack cabinet organized and their salty snacks from going stale. The best part about the selection of personalized chip clips from Quality Logo Products is the versatility in our product selection. We have cheap personalized chip clips that will fit any budget, and even better, cute chip clips that will help your brand stand out. Realtors will love house shaped chip clips, anyone with a good sense of humor would love to receive promotional bag clips shaped like a pair of teeth, and your customers will flock to your company if you promote with something as awesome as star shaped plastic bag clips.

    We all know what your standard promotional chip clips look like, and we have plenty of them available on the Quality Logo Products website. Thin, yet wide enough to hold shut the openings of even the widest snack bags, your basic custom chip clips offer plenty of space for your custom imprint or logo. Don't think your standard T-shaped personalized chip clips is all that Quality Logo Products offers. On the contrary, you'll find promotional bag clips in this category that look like broad rectangles, along with personalized chip clips that have grip areas in custom shapes for almost any industry, and more than a few magnetic chip clips with logo.

    So how do you get these wonderful custom bag clips into the hands of snackers everywhere? You can always start by handing out cute chip clips at your next trade show. The best giveaways for trade shows and conventions are lightweight ones that fit easily into a tote bag or purse. We'd say that even the sturdiest personalized chip clips meet those criteria. Plus, our cheap promotional chip clips are very affordable, meaning you can order a bunch for every visitor to your table.

    What about at a product launch, or at the opening of a nearby store or farmers market? If you're in the business of selling your own small-batch snack food, whether you make kettle corn or cotton candy (or any other kind of food that's not normally associated with state fairs), there's no better way to announce your new product than with promotional chip clips. You can even give out custom bag clips with each sample!

    And let's not forget all the other places where promotional bag clips are great giveaways. Personalized chip clips make excellent giveaways for college students. Late night munchies in the dorm room will be that much tastier with custom bag clips to keep the snacks from going stale. And then there's realtors who are looking for something special for new homeowners. They can order house shaped chip clips to give away to their clients or even magnetic chip clips with logo to hand out during open houses.

    No matter what kind of custom chip clips you choose to give away, you'll find that it'll be a promotional product that almost every junk food junkie will love.

    Seal the deal and check out custom bag clips from Quality Logo Products!