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Custom Bag Clips Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
personalized bag clips!

bag clips

How Do You Customize Bag Clips?

If you need trade show giveaways, you can't go wrong with personalized chip clips! You can customize them with your logo or design online through a promotional products distributor.


How Do You Keep Chips From Going Stale?

Bag clips prevent excess air from getting into an open bag of chips. As a result, the natural moisture in the air won't dry out your favorite snacks! Put the clip right at the top and make sure the bag is sealed tightly.

Over 570,000 custom bag clips were purchased last year.

Do you want unique bag clips? House-shaped bag clips are bestsellers!

46% of the custom chip clips in this category are magnetic.

Blue, white, and red are the most popular colors for promotional bag clips.

The largest order ever placed was for 30,000
personalized bag clips.