Grocery shopping wouldn’t be the same without custom tote bags, but these reusable bags are also great at a variety of other places. Fill them up with swag for trade shows, carry them around a farmer’s market, or use them for a book sale at your local library. Everybody needs a strong, durable bag to carry!

Are you ordering custom tote bags? Be sure the text on front is easy to read! Here are the best fonts for printing on totes.

1. Impact

Impact font on tote bags

The bigger and bolder, the better! You want the text on your printed tote bags to be large enough to see from a distance. Use Impact, which has big, blocky letters that stand out on the bag

2. Bebas

Bebas font on tote bags

Bebas is Impact’s more timid cousin. It’s just as large, but the letters aren’t as blocky or dark. You can use this font to print your company or event name on the front of the tote bags.

3. Arial Bold

Arial Bold font on tote bags

Tote bags have a large imprint area, so take up that space with a bold font like Arial Bold. This font dominates the space, but you can adjust the size and play around with the angle if you have a lot of words to fit on the bag.

4. Bodoni

Bodoni font on tote bags

Do you need the tote bags for a formal event? Print your message on the bags using Bodoni, which is a fancy font with lines at the bottom of each letter. Bodoni looks like it’s a Serif font, but the holes in letters like “a,” “o,” and “d” won’t get smooshed together in the print.

5. Franklin Gothic

Franklin Gothic font on tote bags

If you’re in a professional industry, like law or medicine, then Franklin Gothic is a good font to use on your bags. The letters are spaced evenly apart and don’t have any fancy finishes.

6. Lemon Milk

Lemon Milk font on tote bags

Maybe you need the tote bags for a personal event. Wedding tote bags, for instance, are popular gifts for the bridal party. Print “Maid of Honor,” “Best Man,” or “Crazy Mother of the Bride” using Lemon Milk, a fun font with big, narrow letters.

7. Gotu

Gotu font on tote bags

Gotu should be your go-to font when printing on tote bags! There is ample spacing between each letter, so you don’t have to worry about your message getting jumbled together. Plus, letters like “t” and “y” have elegant “feet” that make your print look more polished and refined.

8. Times New Roman Bold

Times New Roman Bold font on tote bags

Are you ordering tote bags in a light color like teal, mint, pink, or white? You should use Times New Roman Bold to print the text on front. This font has bold, thick letters that will stand out on the bags.

9. Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova font on tote bags

Proxima Nova is often used on websites and mobile apps since it’s so pleasant on the eyes. You can also use this thick, legible font offline by printing it on your custom tote bags.

10. Gotham Black

Gotham Black font on tote bags

Keep it simple by using Gotham Black on your tote bag print. The letters are giant and are dark enough to see from far away. The font kind of looks like the grown up version of bubble letters.

What Size Font Should I Use on Custom Tote Bags?

The average font size to use on custom tote bags is 6 pt., but it could be smaller or larger depending on the print. Just make sure your design fits the imprint area of the bag.

Did You Know? You can see how the font will look on your tote bags by using this free font preview tool

Final Thoughts

You can think of tote bags as moving billboards, but only if the text on the front is easy enough to read. People shouldn’t be scratching their heads trying to figure out your message.

Try any of these fonts for your next bag printing project! The team at Quality Logo Products® is always here with suggestions and can help you get amazing custom tote bags that everyone loves.

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