Promo Focus: Hand Sanitizers

All you need to know about
promotional hand sanitizers!

Do Hand Sanitizers Work?

Hand sanitizers will absolutely work at fighting bacteria as long as you're using the right one. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend a sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

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How Much Alcohol is in Hand Sanitizer?

Most of the popular hand sanitizers contain some percentage of alcohol. On average, this is about 60% alcohol content. Some brands, like Purell and Dial, have a bit more alcohol, while organic brands use aloe vera or witch hazel instead.

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Where Should You Always Bring Hand Sanitizer?

You should bring hand sanitizer to any public place, such as airports, restaurants, fitness centers, concerts, and stores. These areas are hot beds for germs, and a good sanitizer can help kill any harmful bacteria.

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Why Should You Have Hand Sanitizer at the Office?

It's a good idea to keep sanitizer at the office because proper hand hygiene can reduce absenteeism by up to 40%. Overall, a good hand sanitizer will help reduce the number of employees who get sick at your company.

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How Do You Customize Hand Sanitizers?

You can customize hand sanitizers in bulk right online! Promotional products companies will get your design screen printed on each bottle. Simply choose your favorite scent, send your design, and they'll take care of the rest!

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Spray hand sanitizers are often more popular than gels or wipes.

Close to 800,000 hand sanitizers were ordered last year.

September and January are popular months to order hand sanitizers.

The largest quantity ordered at once was 200,000 sanitizers.