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Lip Balm Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional lip balm!


How Do You Customize Lip Balm?

You can customize lip balm online through a promotional products distributor like Quality Logo Products®. Choose either a stylish egg-shaped container or a traditional tube and get your design or message printed on front.

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Do You Need Lip Balm?

Dermatologists believe you need to use lip balm in moderation. You need to use lip balm because your lips are sensitive and do not contain the same oil glands as the rest of your body. This makes them dry out a lot faster.

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What Are the Different Types of Lip Balm?

You have a ton of different types of lip balm you can choose from, including: flavored, medicated, organic, plumping, and tinted. Dermatologists recommend that you choose a lip balm that contains SPF and is made with natural ingredients like cocoa butter or beeswax.

Ancient Egyptian arifact

When Was Lip Balm Invented?

A version of lip balm made from beeswax, olive oil, and animal fat was first used in ancient Egypt in 40 B.C. Queen Cleopatra was really into beauty and would lather this concoction onto her lips for moisture.

Over 1 million lip balms were ordered last year.

Pomegranate, bubblegum, and spearmint are the most popular flavors.

87% of orders were for tubes, while 13% were for EOS or shaped containers.

Blue is the most popular color for shaped containers.

25,000 lip balm keychains were ordered last year.