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Mints Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional mints!

Customize Mints

How Do You Customize Mints?

Mints make excellent party favors or giveaways. You can customize yours by working directly with a promotional products distributor and getting your design embossed or digitally printed on the candies or on the tin.

Types of Mints

What Are the Different Types of Mints?

There are over 600 types of mint plants in the world. The most popular include: basil mint, catmint, lavender mint, chocolate mint, spearmint, and everyone's favorite, peppermint!

Mint Good

Is Mint Good for You?

Many experts believe that mint leaves and peppermint oil are good for your health. The leaves are full of vitamins A and C, while peppermint oil can be used to reduce itching, increase your energy, clear your skin, and even help your hair grow longer!

Peppermint Tea

How Do You Make Peppermint Tea From Peppermint Candy?

You can make peppermint tea from peppermint candy by first turning the candy into a syrup. You'll then mix this with your favorite flavor of tea!

Breath Mints

How Are Breath Mints Made?

Breath mints are made with ingredients you'd find right in your kitchen cabinet like sugar, corn syrup, and food coloring. These ingredients are mixed and bound together on a machine, and then the finished mints are packaged in tins or containers.

You can choose from 19 mint flavors, but peppermint is the most popular.


mints were ordered last year.

34% of orders are for mints packaged in a reusable tin or container.

The largest order ever placed was for 500,000 Starlight Peppermints.