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How do I Distribute Promotional Products?

Alyssa Mertes

Published: July 23rd, 2020

There are many ways to get promotional products to your potential customers. You can send them raining down from a plane or train clever animals to pass them to strangers. If those don't work, maybe try out these other methods:

  • Mailers
  • Conferences
  • Trade Shows
  • Grand Openings
  • Holiday Gifts

You can promote your business with custom products without having to break the bank or go over the top. Dive in and take a look at the best ways to showcase your products that will get people talking about your brand!

Their Mailbox (Bulk Mailings)

People get annoyed by junk mail, but they do love presents. Bulk mailing promotional products is a great way to introduce yourself to a community. Make sure you consider the shipping costs based on the size and weight of your promotional item. For example, if you're a sporting goods retailer, you might not want to send logo imprinted basketballs to thousands of people in the city. A basketball-themed pen or football-shaped stress ball, however, might be the perfect way to introduce yourself.

mail letter


Conferences can help your company reach others in your industry. If you're presenting, draw crowds to your stage with the promise of a gift: a pen to take notes with or a USB drive to help them organize their files. Or you can toss stress balls into the crowd at random intervals to keep people awake during your PowerPoint. At conferences, you might only meet people who are interested in your industry in general and maybe not your specific product or services. With a personalized item, they'll get to know what you have to offer and will always remember your brand's name!

conference booth

Trade shows

Trade shows are exhibitions that feature businesses from specific industries gathering to show off their new products and services or meet new customers. There's pretty much a trade show for just about every business and industry: education, publishing, law, health and fitness, food and drink, wedding, jewelry, and labor are just a few. And they're all prime places to distribute your promotional items! Attendees are probably already interested in your industry or products and are looking to find out more about you!

tradeshow badge

Trade shows are sort of like customers speed-dating vendors and service providers, so be a good first date and bring flowers, chocolates, or an imprinted tumbler. Make sure to stand out with a memorable giveaway or use an eye-catching display that will make people want to stop at your booth, chat, and take your promotional product home with them.

tradeshow badge

Grand Openings

We know – usually at a party, people bring YOU a gift. But if you're opening a hotel, restaurant, or retail location and you're planning a grand opening event, be sure your guests don't leave empty-handed. The promise of a high-quality engraved glass in exchange for coming to dinner at your restaurant is enough to get people through the door and excited to dine with you. Plus, a great gift will get used over and over again at home, reminding them of your business with every refill.


Holiday Gifts

Go the extra mile to show your customers, vendors, or manufacturing partners you appreciate them during the holiday season. An imprinted box of chocolates, an engraved pen, and branded wine stoppers are small, personalized investments in your business relationships.

holiday gifts

You can also treat your employees to a branded gift; put hot cocoa packs and a Christmas card in personalized mugs at every desk or share custom bottle openers at your corporate holiday dinner. Your employees might not need a reminder of your brand, but they'll appreciate your gesture – and you never know when they might need a quick regift idea to someone who hasn't heard of your business!

holiday gifts
Bubba breaks it down

So there you have it – there are plenty of great ways to get your products out to new people; a stress ball for every hand, as the saying goes. No matter what event you're attending or hosting, the fine folks at Quality Logo Products have thousands of products to personalize with your logo. Hand out any of these items and get ready to become everyone's favorite brand!

Quality Logo Products are experts on all things printed and promotional. Let our team of awesome, incredibly good looking, and fun promo nerds help you select awesome promotional swag today!

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Alyssa Mertes

Alyssa Mertes

Alyssa is the Lead Copywriter at Quality Logo Products. As a promo expert, she's uncovered the world's first custom tote bag, interviewed the guy behind rock band ACDC's logo, and had a piece published by the Advertising Specialty Institute, a leader in the promotional products industry.