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Personalized Travel Mugs Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
personalized travel mugs!


When Were Coffee Mugs Invented?

Coffee mugs were invented sometime in the 11th century. They were originally made from wood, metal, or animal bones. After the Industrial Revolution, they became more accessible for everyday use, especially in 1950's diners.

Travel mug

How Do You Choose the Right Travel Mug?

The best travel mugs are large, made from a durable BPA-free material, hold hot or cold drinks, and are fitted with an airtight, leak-free lid. A stylish look and design definitely doesn't hurt either!

Dishwasher safe

How Do You Know if Your Drinkware is Dishwasher Safe?

You'll know if your drinkware is dishwasher safe if it's printed with the correct symbol on the bottom. As a good rule of thumb, most plastic and glass cups can be put on the top rack in the dishwasher.


How Big is 22 Ounces?

A 22-ounce cup will hold a little less than two cans of soda. This is important to keep in mind when you're shopping for a new travel mug, water bottle, or any other portable piece of drinkware.

Customize your tape measure

How to Customize Your Travel Mugs

A travel mug can be customized with a design on the front through screen printing or digital printing. You can order these through an online distributor. Be sure to pick a good insulating material like stainless steel and an eye-catching color combination.

Over 250,000 travel mugs were ordered last year.

Stainless steel is the
most popular material.

The most travel
mugs are ordered in
October & November.

16 ounces is the
most popular size.