Get to Know Kyrsten Ledger

Get to Know Kyrsten Ledger

Kyrsten is a promo expert with a passion for branding . Her vast knowledge of promotional giveaways and marketing has led to several articles and published work for PPB Magazine, a publication from the Promotional Products Association International.

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What Are the Different Types of Luggage Tags?

On July 25th 2019 By Kyrsten Ledger

Traveling somewhere new is exciting, but getting to the airport, going through baggage check, and waiting for your suitcases after your flight isn't fun. The good news is tagging your bags can make the process a lot smoother and make your suitcases easier to find....


Why Do We Use Luggage Tags?

On July 13th 2019 By Kyrsten Ledger

Traveling can be hectic, especially if you’re flying. You have to get to the airport early, go through security, and hope the airline doesn’t lose your baggage along the way. Luckily, the chances of having your bags misplaced is slim thanks to luggage tags. They...

Industry Insight

What Are the Most Affordable Promotional Products on a Budget?

On June 3rd 2019 By Kyrsten Ledger

Buying promotional products can be tricky since there are so many variables like how much to spend or what kind of item to get. Most business owners can’t drop millions or even thousands on branded items. However, just because you’re on a tighter budget doesn’t...

Industry Insight

Why Are People Attracted to Free Giveaways?

On May 23rd 2019 By Kyrsten Ledger

Scoring free items can feel like hitting the jackpot. Whether you're grabbing a free sample at the grocery store or staring a free trial membership at a nearby gym, it's always exciting to get something for nothing. That's why it's smart for your business to...

Industry Insight

How to Save Money on Your Promotional Products

On May 18th 2019 By Kyrsten Ledger

If you're a broke college student or renter with goals of buying your first home, you know the struggles of having to budget. The same goes for business owners. Every company, big and small, has some kind of marketing budget, and with that budget they...

Marketing & Branding

Neuromarketing Nation: How Emotions Influence Your Buying Decisions

On May 15th 2019 By Kyrsten Ledger

Have you ever gone to the store to buy milk just to leave with a cart full of stuff? And no, it isn’t just you. This is actually a very common buying behavior. With help from neuromarketing, businesses can get inside your head (literally) to...

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