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Chocolate Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional chocolate!


How Do You Customize Chocolate?

Custom chocolate is an excellent gift for holidays like Valentine's Day and Christmas. A box of them can also be wonderful favors for weddings and graduations. You can customize your chocolate online working with a promotional products company.

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How Can You Advertise With Chocolate?

You don't have to be Willy Wonka or run a bakery to advertise with chocolate. People love chocolate and it can be used by any business as a way to win over new customers.

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Who Invented Chocolate?

Chocolate wasn't invented, but it was discovered by ancient civilizations in Mexico around 1900 BC. This treat starts out as bitter dark chocolate and is found on cacao plants, which grow on Theobrama trees in South America.


How is Chocolate Made?

It may be surprising, but chocolate actually starts out as a plant called cacao. This bean is harvested and shipped to chocolate factories around the world, from Hershey's in Pennsylvania to the Ferrero Group in Italy. They then make their chocolate from scratch, mixing it with other ingredients like condensed milk and sugar.

Over 100,000 custom chocolates sold last year.

47% of orders are for milk chocolate, 48% for dark chocolate, and the remaining 5% for other flavors like white and mint.

It's no surprise that most orders for custom chocolate are placed during gift-giving season (November) and around Valentine's Day (February).

A total of 2,870 boxes of chocolate sold last year.