Get to Know Gianna Petan

Get to Know Gianna Petan

Gianna is no stranger to all things promo products. Her background in research-based writing, linguistics, and advertising gives her an edge in blogging about the marketing industry.

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Marketing & Branding

5 Marketing Strategies You Can Learn from Tito’s Vodka

On March 27th 2020 By Gianna Petan

Tito’s Vodka has taken the adult beverage industry by storm in only two decades. If you’re not familiar, Tito’s is a brand known for their vodka that is handmade and gluten free. The company started in Austin, Texas and is now sold across the United...


18 Amazing Liquor Bottles You’d Buy Just For The Bottle

On March 16th 2020 By Gianna Petan

The best alcohol bottles are ones you’d be proud to display on your counter and pour a drink from. They have unique shapes, colors, or are made with expensive materials you’ll want to brag about. There are a lot of unique bottles of liquor out...


“The Baby Trend”: What Is It and Why Is It Happening?

On March 10th 2020 By Gianna Petan

What is the cutest thing you have ever seen? Chances are, it’s a baby, a kitten, or something else completely adorable and small. There’s something about seeing cute babies that just makes our day a little brighter. Lately there’s been an increase in baby characters...


How to Care for Your Microfiber Cloths

On March 9th 2020 By Gianna Petan

Microfiber cloths are especially handy to have around the house, or at your business. In order for these cleaning tools to keep their fantastic cleaning capabilities, it’s important to properly care for and maintain the fabric. Microfiber requires some extra care when it comes to...

Marketing & Branding

12 Best Promotional Products for Lawyers

On March 5th 2020 By Gianna Petan

Back in the day, most lawyers advertised their services on park benches, busses, and even in the yellow pages. Fortunately, a majority of those practices are now outdated and replaced with more refined methods of advertising. Today, promotional products are one of the most effective...

Marketing & Branding

How to Advertise with Microfiber

On March 3rd 2020 By Gianna Petan

You likely already use microfiber to clean your home or vehicle, but have you ever considered using it to advertise your business, event, or charity? Microfiber is a durable material that also makes a practical giveaway. Learn how you can advertise using microfiber in ways...

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