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Custom Magnets Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
personalized magnets!

Person with magnets on fridge

How Do You Customize Fridge Magnets?

Restaurants, insurance companies, banks, airlines, realtors, and many others can advertise with custom fridge magnets. Choose your favorite style and then you can order this swag in bulk from a promotional products company.

souvenir magnets

What Are the Best Souvenir Magnets?

All fifty U.S. states have tourist attractions and gift shops full of souvenir magnets. The best ones are colorful and have some kind of unique feature, whether it's teaspoon magnets in Alabama or brass state magnets from Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

magnets with metal shavings

What Science Projects Can You Do With Magnets?

Students in elementary school to high school can learn more about science by doing magnet projects. Try creating DIY magnets using a bowl of water or magnetic rocket ships that look like they're flying into outer space!

random magnets

How Do Refrigerator Magnets Work?

Magnetic fields are a naturally occurring phenomenon that work via an invisible electric charge. Your favorite refrigerator magnets have unpaired electrons and contain the north pole, while your metal refrigerator has the south pole.

Over 1,000,000 custom fridge magnets sold last year.

The largest order ever placed was for 200,000 personalized magnets.

The most popular magnet shape is a moving truck, following by regular square magnets.

67% of the custom magnets in this category are regular magnets, while 14% are bag clips, 8% are calendars, 6% are business cards, and 5% are bumper magnets for your car.