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Custom Products for Boss' Day (October 16)Boss' Day

Check out or great selection of custom Boss' Day products for the perfect gift. Get FREE printing, FREE setup, & guaranteed lowest prices on select items....

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  • Ambassador

    $51.96 - $83.34 ea.

  • Eton Padfolio
    Eton Padfolio

    $14.99 - $39.30 ea.

  • Academic Desk Monthly Planner with Morocco Cover 2019
    Academic Desk Monthly Planner with Morocco Cover 2019

    $2.46 - $4.89 ea.

  • Milan Zippered Padfolio
    Milan Zippered Padfolio

    $9.94 - $13.00 ea.

  • Oxford Padfolio
    Oxford Padfolio

    $15.74 - $39.69 ea.

  • BIC Adhesive Notepads (3" x 8" with 25 Sheets)
    BIC Adhesive Notepads (3" x 8" with 25 Sheets)

    $0.79 - $1.26 ea.

  • Hard Cover Notepad with Pen
    Hard Cover Notepad with Pen

    $0.69 - $1.22 ea.

  • Ball Marker Gift Set
    Ball Marker Gift Set

    $13.00 - $22.80 ea.

  • Shining Star Paper Weight
    Shining Star Paper Weight

    $4.76 - $7.93 ea.

  • Thermo Bottle Mug Gift Set
    Thermo Bottle Mug Gift Set

    $11.66 - $28.66 ea.

  • The Boss Stress Ball
    The Boss Stress Ball

    $1.86 - $5.05 ea.

  • Kraft Notepad with Pen
    Kraft Notepad with Pen

    $1.89 - $3.16 ea.

  • BIC Recycled Adhesive Notepads (4" x 3" w/ 25 Sheets)
    BIC Recycled Adhesive Notepads (4" x 3" w/ 25 Sheets)

    $0.328 - $0.429 ea.

  • BIC Recycled Adhesive Notepads (3" x 3" w/ 25 Sheets)
    BIC Recycled Adhesive Notepads (3" x 3" w/ 25 Sheets)

    $0.321 - $0.42 ea.

  • Wine Gift Set
    Wine Gift Set

    $7.14 - $13.22 ea.

  • Wine Companion Gift Set
    Wine Companion Gift Set

    $17.64 - $31.48 ea.

  • Executive Desk Planner
    Executive Desk Planner

    $14.06 - $18.39 ea.

  • Vinyl Desk Pad Calendar Planner Combo (2019)
    Vinyl Desk Pad Calendar Planner Combo (2019)

    $5.13 - $7.45 ea.

  • Ghirardelli Gift Set
    Ghirardelli Gift Set

    $26.21 - $52.42 ea.

  • Round Paperweight
    Round Paperweight

    $20.54 - $26.86 ea.

  • Diamond Paperweight
    Diamond Paperweight

    $17.67 - $23.11 ea.

  • Large Almanac Calendar (2019)
    Large Almanac Calendar (2019)

    $1.18 - $1.72 ea.

  • Legacy Desk Calendar (2019)
    Legacy Desk Calendar (2019)

    $0.499 - $0.84 ea.

  • Waterman Carène Roller Pen
    Waterman Carène Roller Pen

    $126.52 - $165.45 ea.

  • Waterman Carène Ball Pen with 23.3 Karat Gold Accents
    Waterman Carène Ball Pen with 23.3 Karat Gold Accents

    $145.94 - $190.85 ea.

  • Deluxe Executive Padfolio

    #1 Best Seller

    Deluxe Executive Padfolio

    $8.46 - $18.99 ea.

  • Metallic Viper Pen
    Metallic Viper Pen

    $0.58 - $1.11 ea.

  • Hedgehog Pen
    Hedgehog Pen

    $0.28 - $0.44 ea.

  • Desk Calendar
    Desk Calendar

    $0.83 - $1.33 ea.

  • In Charge of Getting Gifts for the Office? Check Out Our Custom Items for Boss' Day!

    Sometimes it's easy for employees to forget that their bosses are human, too. Part of that might be because bosses have hundreds of little (and big) responsibilities that they're required to attend to during the course of a work day. I mean, taking care of everything that comes up during business hours--that can't be something that one human being does, right?

    Another part of it might be because, what with their full calendars, bosses and employees don't get much time to talk. So Boss' Day is observed on October 16 (or the work day closest to it, if October 16 falls on a weekend) so that employees can hear more about what the boss does and say "thank you" for holding everything together. To celebrate the top-ranking people in the workplace, QLP has a few top-notch products to give them.

    We offer several customizable options that make it affordable for employees to chip in and get their supervisors high-quality gifts imprinted with the company logo. Paperweights look elegant on top of office desks and can remind bosses every time they sit down to work that they employees cared enough to give them gifts. If your supervisors are better described as on-the-go people, but people who still would enjoy an elegant touch, try customized leather padfolios. These sleek carrying cases will help them keep all their writing supplies conveniently located no matter where they are.

    One popular way for employees to celebrate Boss' Day is to take their bosses out to a restaurant for lunch. Restaurant owners can capitalize on this by offering customized gifts set and other items that point to their establishment's specialties. Wine gift sets and bottle openers, for example, make great boss appreciation gifts from the neighborhood bar, while mugs and coffee gift sets are fine tokens from the nearby café. (Gifts like these are also great for employees to give to bosses who don't work in office settings!)

    Boss' Day presents a unique opportunity for retail outlets and other businesses that depend on direct public contact: not only do employees have their own bosses to celebrate, they also might find themselves with bosses from other companies among their customers. This situation doesn't have to be as dreadful as it might sound. Instead, it can be used as a chance for promotion by having employees give small items like pens and notepads to any supervisors who bring in their business on Boss' Day!

    Your boss may be in charge of you, but you can take charge of Boss' Day and make it a great celebration when you get customized gifts from Quality Logo Products®. Call us today!