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Aside from the free tuition and the promise of no essays or tests, Promo University® is a valuable resource of informative articles, helpful branding advice, and general knowledge about the promotional products industry. You'll learn everything you need to know about building your brand!

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Get to know your knowledgeable Promo University® professors. With their collective industry insight and valuable advice, you're guaranteed to graduate with top branding honors. From enduring the heat of the Mojave Desert to bravely climbing towering mountains, these dedicated promo enthusiasts have done it all!

Professor Bubba

From an early age, Bubba realized his passion for quality products. While other children were playing games and skipping school, Bubba was learning everything he could about the promotional products industry. His passion has led to outstanding accomplishments including making the cover of "Promo Studs Quarterly," spending a year in the Mojave Desert to test the durability of popular giveaways, and starting the best promotional products company in the world, Quality Logo Products!

Fun Fact:
Upon founding Promo University®, Bubba decided to do away with wearing pants for good! He likes to consider himself an organic, free-spirit who doesn't conform to society's rules.

Professor Bubbles

Bubbles has extensive expertise in the field of artistic design and custom imprints for promotional products. Her creativity knows no bounds she's dazzled crowds with her breathtaking branded beauties. The stress balls she has designed in the past have been said to rival Picasso's greatest works. Learn art tips and tricks, as well as information about the most common design software and hardware, when you study with Professor Bubbles!

Favorite Things:
During her free time Bubbles loves to vacation on tropical beaches in the Bahamas, Florida, and Costa Rica. She is also partial to medium roast coffee, painting canvases, and foreign films.

Professor Vince

He may seem rugged and tough on the outside, but Vince is actually a softie (completely unrelated to the fact that he's made from polyurethane). When he received his degree from Promo University®, his goal was to help others understand the differences between popular materials such as neoprene and polyester. Vince will debunk the mysteries surrounding BPA, as well as discuss the different types of plastic available for promotional products.

Upon discovering that neoprene is used in wetsuits, Vince went on to swim with sharks in the Indian Ocean. An adrenaline junkie at heart, Vince has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (twice), ran with the bulls in Pamplona, and went sky diving without a parachute.

Professor Bernie

Bernie is passionate about science and loves to dive deep into the inner workings of promotional products like mood pencils, as well as discuss how an umbrella works and how stress balls are made. He has a degree in physics, engineering, and chemistry from Promo University®. During his free time, Bernie watches programs hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson and works on cures for fatal diseases.

Fun Fact:
Bernie has suffered third degree burns on almost every part of his body due to his frequent laboratory experiments. Due to one particularly bad injury, he now has a scar in the shape of Utah on his upper thigh.

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