Intro to Artwork and Logos

Introduction to Artwork and Logos

It's me, Bubbles, here to give you some tips and tricks on creating memorable artwork for your promotional products. Are you stuck over what exactly to have printed? Trust me, you’re definitely not alone.

My informative Intro to Artwork and Logos course gives you ideas on how to design your logo, tips for getting it ready to print on your promotional products, and explanations of how to use the most common design software and hardware.

The Syllabus

Beginner’s Guide to Vector Art

To get the highest-quality imprint on your promotional products every time, it’s important to use vectored artwork. Find out what that's all about here!

Color Scheme Tools

It takes more than a bubbly personality to showcase your brand’s style; sometimes you also need some eye-catching color.

What Makes a Good Logo?

A logo is just one way to market a brand, but what makes a good one? Find out more about designing the best logo for your business!

What Your Logo Says About You

Maybe your business is casual, friendly, and client-focused, but how can you reflect that in your logo? Find out how to make your logo work for your business.

What is an Imprint Area?

If you’re looking for information – like the size of an imprint area or how the area is determined on promotional products – this article is ready to answer all of your imprint inquiries.

How to Make Fabulous Promo Items Without a Logo

If you’re short on time, lack design skills, or are just fresh out of logo ideas, you can still create fabulous promotional products.

Which Social Media Icons and Logos Can I Print?

If you want to use the Twitter bird or any other social media logo to direct people to your accounts, you’ve got to play by the rules.

Minimum Font Sizes on Promotional Items

They say good things come in small packages, but everyone knows this isn’t true when it comes to font sizes – bigger is clearly better!

Why Monitors Display Different Colors

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there’s nothing beautiful about finding out the red sweater you fell in love with online is actually orange when it shows up at your door.

What are My Imprint Color Options?

Learn what imprint color options are available for your promotional products. Find your exact logo color match in this exclusive Promo University® lesson.

Stress Ball Design Tips and Tricks

Read our advice on ordering quality custom stress relievers. These useful tips help you customize your item and get the most out of your imprint area.

All About Custom Logo Colors

You are ordering promotional products for a fun, easy way to advertise your company or event. The most important part is the imprint color, which is the color of the ink used when adding your design, logo, or text to an item.

Decoration Tips for Reusable Water Bottles

Promotional water bottles, such as the ones used as trade show giveaways, are decorated with a logo or message through screen printing, full color transfer, wrap imprint, or engraving.

How to Customize Your Cell Phone Wallet

There are a thousand ways to advertise your company. You can hire an airplane to carry a banner, make a flashy TV commercial, or just shout from the rooftops. In this digital age, though, doesn’t it make more sense to get a person’s attention with a cool accessory for their phone? That’s the beauty of a cell phone wallet!

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