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It’s not really that easy running a business. You have so much to think about, and to top it all, not everyone makes it out there. Here’s one truth you can always count on:  People love chocolate.

If you’re not a bakery or sweet shop, it may seem random to think about using chocolate to advertise. Still, hear me out! The market for novelty chocolate is at $195 million and everyone can capitalize on it – tech startups, mechanics, dog walkers, schools, growing non-profits…you name it.

Stat about novelty chocolate

You just need a little creativity, and a good promotional products company,  to make it happen. There are a million ways boxes, containers, and little chocolate pieces customized with your name or logo can be part of your marketing. 

It’s time to channel your inner Willy Wonka and come up with a chocolate marketing strategy!

Why Do People Love Chocolate?

Heart chocolate graphic

Chocolate is well-loved for a number of reasons. It appeals to all five senses and also releases dopamine into our bodies and serotonin in our brains. This power combo makes us feel in a better mood all day.  

A crazy 80% of U.S. adults enjoy eating it and 50% are bona fide chocoholics, claiming they can’t live without it. There’s no denying…our hearts melt over chocolate!

It’s for all these reasons that marketing with custom chocolate is such a good idea. People are going to gravitate toward chocolate treats like a moth to a flame.

Books graphic

Do you run a bookstore?

The scent of chocolate in a bookstore makes customers 40% more likely to buy cookbooks or romance novels and 22% more likely to buy books of any genre!

How You Can Make Chocolate Part of Your Marketing

No matter what you do, chocolate is an easy way to bring more attention to your business because everyone loves it. You can customize boxes or individual pieces with your logo and name and use them in any of the following ways.  

Grand opening graphic

Grand Openings

Are you opening a new business? Customize chocolates and put them in goody bags for all the guests at your grand opening.

Holiday graphic

Holiday Exclusives

Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter… there are so many holidays throughout the year when chocolate consumption skyrockets. Get in on that action with customized boxes of chocolate from your business.

Chocolate bar graphic

Promotional Incentives

Offer the chocolate as an incentive to get people in the door. For example, a restaurant can give a customized box to the first 100 people who book a holiday dinner with them.

Trade show chocolates

Trade Show Freebies

Sure, pens and water bottles are great. Imagine how many people will come visit your booth, though, if you have a collection of chocolate set up in a beautiful display.

Chocolate gift

Gift with Purchase

Do you have a bunch of overstocked items you have to push? They will fly off the shelves if you advertise chocolate as a free gift with the purchase.

Heart chocolate graphic

Fundraiser Treats

There’s a reason sports teams sell chocolate to raise money. Your non-profit will knock it out of the park if you follow their lead and sell customized chocolates.

I get it… you’re not Hershey’s or Nestlé, but even if you run a clothing store or build robots for a living, people will still be excited to get chocolate from your company. It’s a great way to hook people in and get them interested in what else your brand has to offer.

Chocolate in a pretty package graphic
Shop custom chocolates for your next event!

What is the Most Popular Chocolate Flavor?

milk, dark, and white chocolate graphic

According to a survey by the Fine Chocolate Industry Association, people prefer the following flavors:

  • 32% milk
  • 31% dark
  • 27% any kind of chocolate
  • 5% white

The same survey found that people prefer chocolate that’s mixed with:

  1. Peanut Butter
  2. Caramel
  3. Almonds
  4. Mint
  5. Hazelnut/Coconut

Life may be like a box of chocolates, but people should know what they’re going to get if they work with your company.

There are over 600 different flavor combos for chocolate. Mix and match what you’re offering and don’t be surprised when more and more people come running through your doors.  

dollar sign graphic

Do you need to raise money?

Chocolate is the #1 fundraising item. It has a profit margin between 40 and 50% depending on how much is sold.

Where Will People Purchase Chocolate?

You can get chocolate at most stores, but people are willing to be adventurous and try chocolate from other places as well. It can be a community festival, random street vendor, or anywhere else where they notice chocolate for sale.

A group of people were surveyed to see where they’d purchase their chocolate. It turns out, it’s nearly anywhere!

where will people buy chocolate infographic

Here are the facts!

  • 60% of people will buy their chocolate online.
  • 14% of people will buy chocolate from festivals or fairs.
  • 10% of people will buy chocolate from farmers’ markets.
  • 27% of people will buy hand-crafted fine chocolate.

It doesn’t have to be at only a fair or festival. You can sell your chocolate right in your store, no matter what your line of work.

Chocolate is universal. It can be boxes printed with your brand name, collectible tins, or your logo embossed on each and every sweet treat you hand out. The sky’s the limit!

Did You Know?: Benjamin Franklin sold chocolate along with Bibles and stationary supplies in his Philadelphia print shop.

Final Thoughts

Chocolate is still delicious, even in this digital world. That means a lot of opportunities for your company. People can’t savor and enjoy your social media posts or Google ads the same way.

Get your chocolate in bulk from a promotional products company and get to advertising with delicious treats. It’s a sweet way to market your business or non-profit! 


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