Get to Know Kelsey Skager

Get to Know Kelsey Skager

Kelsey is a master of promotional products with over five years of marketing and industry experience. She is proud to have been featured on ABC 7 Chicago News and NPR.

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Marketing & Branding

What Marketers Should Know About Memes

On July 11th 2019 By Kelsey Skager

You’ve just logged on to Twitter and immediately are greeted with a poorly constructed tweet featuring Harambe. When you glance over to see who tweeted it, expecting to see your Uncle Earl, you see none other than your favorite fast food chain. Shudder. If you’re...

Company News

Congrats to the Winners of the 2019 Supplier Awards!

On January 4th 2019 By Kelsey Skager

Peanut butter and jelly. Ren and Stimpy. Batman and Robin. These are some of the greatest duos in history. Now it’s time to add another to the list – promo product distributors and suppliers! For those in the industry, you know this relationship is what...

Company News

A Year in Review: Looking Back on 2018

On December 28th 2018 By Kelsey Skager

When most people think of promotional products, what comes to mind is the branded pen they were given by their real estate agent or the tote bag they snagged at a trade show. These items are useful when it comes to spreading the word about...

Company News

Give Your Brand a Hand: River Valley Food 4 Kids June 2018

On July 31st 2018 By Kelsey Skager

If you ask Kristin Foster what her typical day looks like during the summer, don’t expect to hear about plans for a beach day or her time spent relaxing at the spa. Instead, she’ll probably tell you that her plan entails spreading the word about...

Company News

Quality Logo Products Launches Hope Chest Toy Drive

On July 3rd 2018 By Kelsey Skager

If there’s anything you should know about Quality Logo Products®, it’s how important it is to us to give back to the local community. Sure, we make fun promotional products like custom pens or tote bags, but we’re about so much more. For instance, every...

Company News

Give Your Brand a Hand: This Time Tomorrow Foundation April 2018

On May 30th 2018 By Kelsey Skager

When Cory Zimmermann wrote a song titled “This Time Tomorrow,” it was an outlet for him to express his whirlwind of emotions. His close friend, Dick Ticcioni, had just been diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and the outcome seemed grim. Given only three months...

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