Most Creative Promotional Products of All Time

  1. Iams weight-shaped frisbees
  2. KFC colonel inflatables
  3. Budweiser light-up cups
  4. General Electric comic books
  5. Mountain Dew Xbox
  6. Domino’s Pizza Onesie
  7. ALDI quarter holder keychains
  8. Burger King meat perfume
  9. Y+ Yoga bendable straws
  10. McDonald’s Big Mac rings
  11. Starbucks cat-themed mugs
  12. Allstate disaster kits
  13. IBM drone gift boxes

You see cool promotional items everywhere! Who hasn’t grabbed a free tote bag at a community art festival or a bunch of branded pens from the cup at a doctor’s office?

This free stuff is great, but the best promotional items are creative and insanely memorable. I’m referring to the unique giveaways that turn heads and get people taking selfies. It’s all about your brand daring to be creative…and maybe a little weird.

Be inspired by the most creative promotional products of all time!

#1:  Iams’s Frisbees

Source: UK Corporate Gifts

How they were used: These weight-shaped discs were handed out at dog parks in Australia.

Iams raised the woof with creative promo items in the shape of barbell weights. The design was meant to show how their pet food is “stronger” than other pet food brands, which is apparently true since the brand remains out of the doghouse with an estimated net worth of about $3.8 billion. These uniquely shaped frisbees send a powerful message.

#2:  KFC’s Inflatable Colonel

Source: Marketing Dive

How they were used:  KFC offered these pool toys to dedicated fans via a Snapchat Memorial Day giveaway.

KFC’s marketing is always extra crispy, and they’re not shy about using unique promotional products. Aside from honey bears and holiday sweaters, they also released Colonel Sanders floaties with a built-in cup holder for your bucket of chicken. The fast food chain seems to be floating along just fine as over 1,000 new locations opened worldwide in 2018.

#3:  Budweiser’s Light Up Cups


How they were used:  The NHL offered these team souvenirs for the first 10,000 fans who came to Game 2 of the Washington Capitals vs. the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Budweiser scored big with these unique glasses, which sync from a fan’s phone to light up every time their team scores. The buzz on social media was so strong about these cups, the Chicago Blackhawks, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Green Bay Packers jumped on the bandwagon to offer their own versions.

#4:  General Electric’s Comic Books

Source: General Electric

How they were used:  In the 1950s, General Electric hired the same artists who worked on Batman to design exclusive comic books for their brand.

General Electric has aircraft, power generators, and oil equipment. They still found a way to make their marketing exciting, though, with these colorful comic books. The old-school comics are now valuable collectibles, but fans will be happy to know GE has also released new sci-fi stories for their digital app. 

#5:  Mountain Dew’s Xbox

How they were used:  These green machines could be yours if you collected 550 “dew points” from different cases or bottles of Mountain Dew. 

Mountain Dew, which positions itself as the “official soda for gamers,” released limited edition Xbox and Xbox Ones in 2004. This isn’t the only time PepsiCo has had nerdy, but creative promotions. They also gave away 1,000 Xbox One X consoles in 2018, and even released their own video game character, Pepsiman. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see “Micro Soft Drinks” that are just mini bottles of Mountain Dew in the future!

#6:  Domino’s Onesie

Source: Ad Week

How they were used:  Dominos sold these fun promo items for about $32 at select locations in the United Kingdom. The money raised went to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

If you plan on having a pizza party, it only makes sense to change into your pajamas. Domino’s got in on that action with “the world’s first ‘wipeable’ onesie.” These are some of the most clever, best promotional items out there! They were designed by Charlotte Denn and are made so you can get sauce on them without worrying about any stains.

#7:  ALDI’s Keychains

Source: Aldi Reviewer

How they were used:  The grocery store, which is known for requiring a “rental fee” for their carts, made it really easy with quarter keeper keychains that were sold at their stores for just 99 cents.

Talk about a dream pairing! Every time you head to the grocery store, you grab your car keys, right? Now you’ll keep ALDI in mind and have your quarter handy at the same time! The idea behind ALDI’s quarter is to keep their prices low and pass those savings on to the average 40 million people that shop there every month. These keychains are one of the most effective promotional products ever created!

#8:  Burger King’s Perfume


How they were used:  Burger King released 1,000 of their Flame-Grilled perfumes in Japan. You could buy a bottle for about $40 and get a complementary Whopper with the deal.

Who doesn’t want to smell like meat all day? That was Burger King’s theory when they released these limited edition perfumes on April Fool’s Day. It wasn’t a joke, and even to this day, they’re not the only food brand to try unique marketing materials at this level. Cheetos, Pizza Hut, and KFC also have their own fragrances. 

#9:  Y+ Yoga’s Straws

Source: Ads of the World

How they were used:  These flexible straws were handed out to customers at local fruit juice bars in Shanghai, China.

The best promotional giveaways tie back into what you’re all about, such as these extra bendy, memorable straws. Y+ Yoga is located in one of the biggest cities in China, but all that unique marketing is paying off. In fact, the yoga studio was recommended by Culture Trip as one of the best to visit in Shanghai.

#10:  McDonald’s Bling Ring

Source: Ad Week

How they were used:  This $10,000 ring was offered to one lucky fan on social media in 2018 when they used #BlingMacContest and tagged McDonald’s.

In celebration of new Big Mac sizes – the Grand Big Mac, Big Mac, and Mac Jr. – the McDonald’s corporate office in Oak Brook, Illinois got flashy with unique promo items they called “Bling Macs.” Be careful because you might end up getting proposed to with this juicy jewel. According to Forbes, more couples are getting married at McDonald’s and other fast food outlets than ever before.

#11:  Starbucks’s Cat Collection

Image source: Business Insider

How they were used:  As part of Valentine’s Day in Korea, Starbucks released this unique collection of cat cups and kitty kettles.

With dedicated fans in 29,324 locations around the world, Starbucks always has to come up with useful promotional items that win over the crowd. This led them to take a new approach with cat-themed drinkware that’s purrfect for date night! You can also find coin pouches, pins, tumblers, and water bottles in this adorable design.

#12:  Allstate’s Disaster Kits

Source: Auburn Reporter

How they were used:  Allstate gave away 1,000 drawstring bags stuffed with branded blankets, first aid kits, masks, wet wipes, and flashlights to people in Oregon in 2019.  

People have to worry about all kinds of natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes. Allstate is making sure they’re covered with custom emergency kits. The insurance company devotes a lot of time to volunteer work through the Allstate Foundation, with 258,000 hours served and $7.5 million contributed in 2018 alone. These drawstring bags are just another way for them to do some good for the world.

#13:  IBM’s Drones

Source: YouTube

How they were used:  IBM Developer, a resource center for developers, IT professionals, and students, gave away boxes filled with custom t-shirts, stickers, and programmable DJI Tello drones to over 1,500 lucky recipients!  

IBM Developer showed off their tech savviness with this creative promotion in 2018. Those who entered received not only cool promo items like a logoed t-shirt and sticker, but also a drone that could be operated right from their phone. It’s simple programming language that anyone can do, making #IBMDroneDrop a creative way to put IBM Developer’s services on the map!

What Are the Best Promotional Items to Give Away?

The best promotional items are the ones that are also the coolest promotional items. It’s stuff that’s not only useful, but also stylish and memorable. Something you’ll be happy to receive and tell your friends about. You might even gush over it!

Try any of these creative promotional gifts:

  • Drinkware
  • Phone accessories
  • Sunglasses
  • Apparel
  • Office supplies
  • Bags
  • Stress balls
  • Lunch containers
  • Magnets
  • Umbrellas

Now it’s your turn! Make sure that your custom logo products are creative, cool, original, and interesting. It will pay off in the long run.

Even though it’s a digital world, you should still use creative marketing materials to make a statement. It’s the exciting brands that stand apart and become viral sensations! And of course – don’t forget to use the best promotional products company for the job… Quality Logo Products!


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