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Custom Jar Openers

Open any stuck jar with our custom jar openers! We have the best prices on promotional jar openers, plus FREE printing and FREE setup on select items....

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  • Circle Jar Opener

    #1 Best Seller

    Circle Jar Opener

    $0.42 - $0.95 ea.

  • Circular Jar Opener
    Circular Jar Opener

    $0.56 - $0.89 ea.

  • House Jar Opener
    House Jar Opener

    $0.42 - $0.95 ea.

  • Jumbo Circle Jar Opener
    Jumbo Circle Jar Opener

    $0.541 - $1.12 ea.

  • Rubber Octagon Jar Opener
    Rubber Octagon Jar Opener

    $0.473 - $1.43 ea.

  • House Shaped Jar Opener
    House Shaped Jar Opener

    $0.56 - $0.89 ea.

  • Square Jar Opener
    Square Jar Opener

    $0.56 - $0.89 ea.

  • Heart Jar Opener
    Heart Jar Opener

    $0.473 - $1.43 ea.

  • Rules of The House Jar Opener
    Rules of The House Jar Opener

    $0.473 - $1.43 ea.

  • Rubber Square Jar Opener
    Rubber Square Jar Opener

    $0.42 - $0.95 ea.

  • Jumbo House Jar Opener
    Jumbo House Jar Opener

    $0.613 - $1.72 ea.

  • Round Jar Opener
    Round Jar Opener

    $0.523 - $0.84 ea.

  • Jumbo Heart Jar Opener
    Jumbo Heart Jar Opener

    $0.613 - $1.72 ea.

  • Tooth Jar Opener
    Tooth Jar Opener

    $0.473 - $1.43 ea.

  • Dollar Bill Jar Opener
    Dollar Bill Jar Opener

    $0.473 - $1.43 ea.

  • Daisy Jar Opener
    Daisy Jar Opener

    $0.473 - $1.43 ea.

  • Apple Jar Opener
    Apple Jar Opener

    $0.473 - $1.43 ea.

  • Target Jar Opener
    Target Jar Opener

    $0.621 - $1.75 ea.

  • Jumbo Hand Jar Opener
    Jumbo Hand Jar Opener

    $0.541 - $1.12 ea.

  • Silicone Ring Jar Opener
    Silicone Ring Jar Opener

    $0.70 - $0.914 ea.

  • Fish Jar Opener
    Fish Jar Opener

    $0.473 - $1.43 ea.

  • Jar Opener Ring
    Jar Opener Ring

    $0.784 - $1.76 ea.

  • Round Rubber Jar Opener
    Round Rubber Jar Opener

    $0.585 - $0.94 ea.

  • Be There for Your Customers When They Need It Most with Custom Jar Openers

    Even if you consider yourself a strong person both physically and mentally, chances are you've struggled at some point to open a jar of some kind. Whether it's a jar of jelly for that midnight snack or a jar of pickles to complete the perfect Chicago style hot dog, we've all had that one stubborn jar that just doesn't want to open. That's why everyone will love custom jar openers from Quality Logo Products!

    You could try all the classic methods like banging your jar on the counter, running it under warm water, or sliding a knife under the edge of the lip. And we're sure the Internet has countless other remedies for removing an impossible lid as well. You could attempt all that, but before you get red-faced, flustered, and ready to give up when the lid still won't budge, pick up your promotional jar openers and get your jar open without needing to hit the gym.

    Trust us, these logo promotional jar openers are lifesavers when it comes to those pesky jars that just refuse to open. A personalized rubber jar opener gives your customers the ideal grip around the lid. Each of our cheap promotional jar openers are a few inches long, which make them ideal for just about any size jar. These promotional jar openers will not be denied! Most importantly, each one comes with a large imprint area to make your logo or company name really stand out.

    Did we mention our custom jar openers come in many different shapes and sizes? From house shaped jar openers to promotional jar openers shaped like hearts, even tooth shaped promotional jar openers, we have a wide variety to choose from. Custom jar openers aren't a promotional product that is specific to any industry, so any company can use them to promote their brand!

    Real estate agents can leave their house shaped jar openers on the kitchen counter to welcome a new family to their home, and the a promotional jar opener shaped like a pill bottle is an ideal giveaway for pharmacies. We also have phone shaped custom jar openers, apple-shaped promotional jar openers, and even ones cut to look like a law enforcement shield. When every company at that trade show or convention is handing out pens or water bottles, be the one company giving out something different and very useful!

    Your customers are sure to love their cheap promotional jar openers, especially when it's snack time and they don't have the strength to open that lid. However, your employees will also love having a supply of logo promotional jar openers in the break room. When it's lunch time, your employees won't want to waste their time struggling to open the peanut butter jar. Keep a supply of custom jar openers in the drawer or cabinet to save their sanity. Watch how productivity will increase just by keeping a personalized rubber jar opener readily accessible!

    Promotional jar openers are one of those kitchen items that most people don't realize is a necessity until they are in a jam (or trying to open a jar of jam). You can save the day with custom jar openers from Quality Logo Products. A long-lasting personalized rubber jar opener is one of those promotional products that will get used for years to come.

    Get your brand out of a jam and try promotional jar openers from Quality Logo Products!