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Custom Mason Jars Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
personalized mason jars!

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How Do You Customize Mason Jars?

Do you want custom mason jars for a wedding or event? Personalize them in bulk by working directly with a promotional products distributor. They'll get your design ink printed or engraved on each glass.

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How Can I Use Mason Jars at My Wedding?

If you're on a budget, mason jars are great for weddings! You can use them to make DIY centerpieces, decorations, and wedding favors for all of your guests. It just takes some time and creativity!

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What to Do With Old Mason Jars

Mason jars are used for food preservation and to hold drinks, but you can repurpose them in many other ways as well. Store your pens inside and leave the jar on your desk. You can also use them to organize your bathroom, kitchen, and junk drawer.

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Who Invented the Mason Jar?

John Landis Mason invented the mason jar in 1858. He died before he could make a profit from these glass containers, so when his patent expired, it was bought by the Ball brothers. They started mass producing Ball mason jars in Muncie, Indiana.

Over 159,000 custom mason jars sold last year.

49% of the mason jars in this category are glass, while 51% are made from plastic, ceramic, or metal.

17,200 personalized mason jars was the largest order ever placed.

64% of custom mason jars come with a lid and/or straw.