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Personalized Shot GlassesShot Glasses

Our personalized shot glasses come in every shape and size shot glass there is. Get FREE setup and FREE SHIPPING on select glasses....

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  • Acrylic Shot Glasses (2 Oz.)

    #1 Best Seller

    Acrylic Shot Glasses (2 Oz.)

    $0.432 - $0.69 ea.

  • Clear Shot Glass (1.5 Oz.)
    Clear Shot Glass (1.5 Oz.)

    $0.705 - $0.92 ea.

  • Shot Glass (1.75 Oz.)
    Shot Glass (1.75 Oz.)

    $1.405 - $1.84 ea.

  • Clear Mason Shot Glass (1.5 Oz.)
    Clear Mason Shot Glass (1.5 Oz.)

    $1.42 - $3.34 ea.

  • Ceramic Shot Glass White (1.5 Oz.)
    Ceramic Shot Glass White (1.5 Oz.)

    $0.981 - $1.28 ea.

  • Jumbo Shot Glass (4 Oz.)
    Jumbo Shot Glass (4 Oz.)

    $1.76 - $5.43 ea.

  • Tall Shot Glass (2.5 Oz.)
    Tall Shot Glass (2.5 Oz.)

    $1.35 - $2.25 ea.

  • Clear Shot Glass (2 Oz.)
    Clear Shot Glass (2 Oz.)

    $2.02 - $3.23 ea.

  • Shot Glass (1.5 Oz.)
    Shot Glass (1.5 Oz.)

    $2.39 - $3.83 ea.

  • Shooter Glass (2 Oz.)
    Shooter Glass (2 Oz.)

    $1.49 - $2.39 ea.

  • Boot Shot Glass
    Boot Shot Glass

    $3.18 - $8.85 ea.

  • Shot Synthetic Glass (2 Oz.)
    Shot Synthetic Glass (2 Oz.)

    $3.71 - $5.94 ea.

  • Clear Fluted Shot Glass (2 Oz.)
    Clear Fluted Shot Glass (2 Oz.)

    $2.13 - $3.41 ea.

  • Clear Glass Shooter (2 Oz.)
    Clear Glass Shooter (2 Oz.)

    $1.27 - $2.12 ea.

  • Square Shot Glass (2.5 Oz.)
    Square Shot Glass (2.5 Oz.)

    $2.17 - $3.48 ea.

  • Party Shot Cup (2 Oz.)
    Party Shot Cup (2 Oz.)

    $0.63 - $0.82 ea.

  • Shooter Glass (1.5 Oz.)
    Shooter Glass (1.5 Oz.)

    $1.49 - $2.39 ea.

  • Player Shot Glass (2 Oz.)
    Player Shot Glass (2 Oz.)

    $1.72 - $2.75 ea.

  • For a Super Successful Promotion, Get Personalized Shot Glasses from Quality Logo Products!

    Unless you're at a party, personalized shot glasses don't get the attention they deserve. Sure, they're great for making mixed drinks, but they can also be used to store, measure, and decorate. These diverse and durable custom glasses make cool gifts and giveaways and get used again and again by your customers in lots of different ways.

    With their one to two ounce capacity, shot glasses are great for measuring during baking, cooking, or coffee making. If you've got a cake recipe that calls for a shot brandy or are just using your home espresso machine, shot glasses are perfect cooking companion (we also hope you invite us over for cake and coffee). Your bar, restaurant, or coffee shop can give or sell customized shot glasses with pride, knowing they'll get used all over the kitchen.

    Shot glasses are also featured regularly in the lives of DIYers. Shot glasses make sweet holders for mini desserts, are great votive candle holders, excellent for kids science projects (safely supervised, of course), and even tiny planters for windowsill gardens. No matter what your business, you can confidently gift or sell shot glasses to your craft-minded customers, knowing they'll get a lot of DIY love down the line.

    Parties are also the perfect occasion to gift personalized shot glasses. They make a fun signature gift for guests to enjoy long after the party is over. Whether you want to create shot glasses for your wedding guests or give out to employees to mark the end of a successful year at your corporate holiday party, these glasses make the perfect keepsake.

    It also probably goes without saying that personalized shot glasses are super collectible. Stocked and sold at airports, tourist shops, museums, and more, people love to get and display their custom shot glass collection. Your branded shot glasses will fit in nicely with their collection of fun customized glasses from all over!

    So many uses, such little glasses! Custom shot glasses are fun and easy to customize with your brand, company, logo, or event information and our great prices make them a perfect option to order for a giveaway at your next trade show, marketing conference, or to resell at your retail location. Quality Logo Products® will guarantee the lowest prices on custom shot glasses for all of your events, so call us today to reward your customers with the glass that is as fun, hardworking, and versatile as your business is.