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Personalized BriefcasesBriefcases

We have a wide selection of personalized briefcases that you can customize with your logo. Our quality can't be beat and neither can our prices!...

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  • Wheeled Briefcase
    Wheeled Briefcase

    $50.27 - $80.43 ea.

  • The Dolphin Briefcase
    The Dolphin Briefcase

    $3.59 - $7.59 ea.

  • Excel Brief
    Excel Brief

    $3.31 - $5.90 ea.

  • Tech Computer Briefcase
    Tech Computer Briefcase

    $22.46 - $45.67 ea.

  • Typhoon Deluxe Briefcase

    #1 Best Seller

    Typhoon Deluxe Briefcase

    $11.76 - $25.19 ea.

  • Wenger Leather Business Brief
    Wenger Leather Business Brief

    $95.28 - $124.60 ea.

  • Economic Force Brief
    Economic Force Brief

    $5.74 - $15.41 ea.

  • Solo Urban Hybrid Briefcase
    Solo Urban Hybrid Briefcase

    $42.34 - $72.66 ea.

  • Briefcase

    $4.34 - $6.95 ea.

  • Rubble Brief Case
    Rubble Brief Case

    $4.22 - $7.53 ea.

  • Northwest Brief
    Northwest Brief

    $9.87 - $17.62 ea.

  • The Barracuda Briefcase
    The Barracuda Briefcase

    $5.39 - $15.72 ea.

  • Visibly Vertical Brief
    Visibly Vertical Brief

    $5.77 - $7.55 ea.

  • Swoosh Brief
    Swoosh Brief

    $5.93 - $15.89 ea.

  • CheckMate Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Brief
    CheckMate Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Brief

    $19.05 - $34.00 ea.

  • The Quill Basic Brief
    The Quill Basic Brief

    $4.19 - $10.94 ea.

  • DuraHyde Deluxe Brief
    DuraHyde Deluxe Brief

    $14.81 - $26.43 ea.

  • All Day Computer Briefcase
    All Day Computer Briefcase

    $7.80 - $18.49 ea.

  • The Full Time Business Brief Bag
    The Full Time Business Brief Bag

    $1.98 - $5.39 ea.

  • The Mariner Briefcase
    The Mariner Briefcase

    $6.89 - $18.63 ea.

  • Solo Bradford Briefcase
    Solo Bradford Briefcase

    $59.99 - $146.82 ea.

  • Excel Sport Deluxe Brief
    Excel Sport Deluxe Brief

    $5.64 - $10.07 ea.

  • Computer Laptop Briefcase
    Computer Laptop Briefcase

    $10.60 - $25.90 ea.

  • Solo Executive Briefcase
    Solo Executive Briefcase

    $59.99 - $146.82 ea.

  • Crunch Brief Case
    Crunch Brief Case

    $5.14 - $9.18 ea.

  • Paramount Brief
    Paramount Brief

    $15.13 - $42.87 ea.

  • Vertical Monotone Brief-Pack
    Vertical Monotone Brief-Pack

    $13.27 - $36.58 ea.

  • Rimini Briefcase
    Rimini Briefcase

    $149.62 - $239.40 ea.

  • Copper Canyon Leather Expandable Briefcase
    Copper Canyon Leather Expandable Briefcase

    $100.94 - $163.33 ea.

  • Heather Briefcase
    Heather Briefcase

    $3.74 - $9.61 ea.

  • Kapston Stratford Business Briefcase
    Kapston Stratford Business Briefcase

    $33.09 - $90.96 ea.

  • Colorado Buckle Briefcase
    Colorado Buckle Briefcase

    $5.99 - $16.16 ea.

  • Kapston Jaxon Briefcase
    Kapston Jaxon Briefcase

    $11.94 - $34.79 ea.

  • We'll Be Brief, Personalized Briefcases Will Help Boost Your Brand Awareness!

    Briefcases, as the name suggests, were first widely used to hold law briefs and other important documents for lawyers and executives around the world. While they still certainly are useful in that capacity, they modern day world of briefcases is much bigger than it used to be. Briefcases now regularly transport laptops, tablets, books, a cluster of pens, a water bottle, and the newspaper.

    Maybe you want to know who's using briefcases these days, anyway? Well, lots of people. Professors. Tech and IT professionals. People working in and with media. Bankers. Sales people. Sports recruiters. Hipsters, possibly ironically. And lawyers, still. Our briefcase selection has something for everyone - from the traditional business professional to the up-and-coming entrepreneur to the graphic designer turned student with too many things to carry. We've got high end leather personalized briefcases, hardsided briefcases that look like they could contain bomb codes and other spy equipment, and everything in between.

    So how can personalized briefcases work for you and your business? They can provide your hardworking employees with a way to lug around all their stuff, for one. If you have an outside sales force or anyone who takes their laptop back and forth from the office, personalized briefcases are a must. A personalized briefcase is an essential way to keep your employees organized and market your brand to their friends, family, and fellow travelers.

    Personalized briefcases also make good giveaways. Because of their general ability to carry, transport, and store lots of things, they have mass appeal in a lot of industries. Even if people just need a bag to tote around snacks for a picnic, your personalized briefcases will still be a hit. Also, people always think you're doing important work when you're carrying a briefcase, and everyone loves to look important! So give your customers a personalized briefcase at your next trade show and give them the gift of easily transported goods and the feeling of prestige. You can also honor your VIP clients with a swanky new deluxe briefcase or gift to students to welcome them to a technical school or program. Every shoulder your personalized briefcase hangs from is a chance for your brand to shine.

    If you need to equip your employees or impress your clients and customers, we've got the right personalized briefcase for you. Fully customizable with your brand, business, logo, or product information and at the best prices around, we know our durable and attractive briefcases will be good for your business.