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Custom Items for Clean Off Your Desk DayClean Your Desk Day

Declutter with Clean Off Your Desk Day by giving away these perfect promo products. FREE printing, FREE setup, & guaranteed lowest prices on select items....

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  • Klip Notes Holder
    Klip Notes Holder

    $0.525 - $2.25 ea.

  • Bristle Buddy Computer Duster

    #1 Best Seller

    Bristle Buddy Computer Duster

    $0.78 - $1.57 ea.

  • Work Rules Desk Organizer
    Work Rules Desk Organizer

    $0.67 - $1.07 ea.

  • Square Clip Memo Holder
    Square Clip Memo Holder

    $0.45 - $0.585 ea.

  • Chamois (Medium)
    Chamois (Medium)

    $1.204 - $1.93 ea.

  • Microfiber Screen Cleaner in Case
    Microfiber Screen Cleaner in Case

    $0.56 - $0.729 ea.

  • Horizontal Stationery Set
    Horizontal Stationery Set

    $0.91 - $1.45 ea.

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
    Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

    $0.712 - $1.14 ea.

  • Jumbo Magnetic Clip
    Jumbo Magnetic Clip

    $0.529 - $0.569 ea.

  • Binder Flip Clip
    Binder Flip Clip

    $0.442 - $0.71 ea.

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth In Case
    Microfiber Cleaning Cloth In Case

    $0.50 - $0.67 ea.

  • Big Message Paper Clip
    Big Message Paper Clip

    $0.30 - $0.48 ea.

  • 3-in-1 Stapler
    3-in-1 Stapler

    $3.08 - $7.42 ea.

  • USB All-In-One Desk Station
    USB All-In-One Desk Station

    $7.96 - $19.69 ea.

  • House Clip Dispenser
    House Clip Dispenser

    $0.882 - $1.84 ea.

  • Organize Your Clean Off Your Desk Day Promotion with Custom Items from QLP!

    Because some tasks simply can't wait until the idea of spring cleaning pops into the brain, the second Monday of January has been designated Clean Off Your Desk Day. Clean Off Your Desk Day isn't necessarily about throwing everything that sits inside the cubicle into the trash, as easy as that would make the cleaning process. No, Clean Off Your Desk Day is about getting organized and keeping the stuff that matters. And what matters on a day like this one are the products that Quality Logo Products® offers to help keep the clutter away.

    Anyone who manages an office will find that branded products from QLP can help get the company organized and ready to tackle a common goal, even if that goal for one day is just to clear out a bunch of garbage. Too many loose pens in the office? Hand each employee a desk caddy or pen cup. Want people to keep their papers together on their desks? Provide them with accordion file folders, and watch those papers practically file themselves. Cell phone stands and holders can keep the objects that everyone carries with them set aside neatly.

    Companies that provide business services can help businesses in another way by giving their clients branded organizational products on Clean Off Your Desk Day. Enterprises as diverse as banks and office supply stores will benefit by providing free gifts to customers that show that they care about more than just their customers' money. Consider giving away items that clients might not purchase for themselves, like stationery sets, but that will get them organized in ways they never imagined.

    Of course, good organizational habits start young (at least I hear as much), and many students have desks that they can get started on cleaning and maintaining as their own little outside-the-house responsibilities. School and the businesses or organizations that support them can lend a hand on Clean Off Your Desk Day by providing customized brooms, dust pans, and cleaning cloths. They can also encourage a clean and healthy learning environment by distributing hand sanitizer.

    Good organization is good business, which makes promotional products that inspire good organization smart marketing investments. So toss that old, stale branding campaign into the trash, and make room on your desk for one that features items from Quality Logo Products®.