Promo Focus: Coasters

All you need to know about
promotional coasters!

Who Invented Coasters?

Drink coasters were invented by a German print shop named Friedrich Horn in 1880. They were known as "beermats" and were made from a flimsy cardboard that was printed with a bar or pub's name or logo.

How Do You Make Coasters?

You can easily make coasters without having to knit or sew. Wrap cardboard with decorative duct tape, or use Mod Podge to make fabric coasters. You can also paint cork or wood pieces!

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Why Do We Use Coasters?

We use coasters to protect our tables or desks from getting water stains or other damage. These little mats act as a barrier between your cold drink and the furniture underneath.

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What is Die Cutting?

Die cutting is a process that's used to make a bunch of things you know and love, from comfy quilts to scrapbooks. It can be done at a professional level or right at home by with a store-bought machine.

How Do You Customize Coasters?

You deserve the best-looking coasters to sell in your store or hand out as gifts! You can customize coasters by ordering them online in bulk through a promotional products company.

Cork is the most popular material for coasters.


plus coasters were
ordered last year.

The average cost
for a coaster is 71
cents each.

18.5% of the orders last
year were for coaster sets.