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Custom Items for Easter (04/16/17)Easter

Browse our wide selection of custom items for Easter. Order now and get FREE printing, FREE setup, & guaranteed lowest prices on select items....

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  • Christian Fish Stress Ball
    Christian Fish Stress Ball

    $0.80 - $1.28 ea.

  • Church Magnet (.020 Thickness)
    Church Magnet (.020 Thickness)

    $0.101 - $0.64 ea.

  • Dove Stress Ball
    Dove Stress Ball

    $1.16 - $1.86 ea.

  • Chicken In Egg Stress Toy
    Chicken In Egg Stress Toy

    $1.062 - $1.70 ea.

  • Bible Passages Executive Calendar (2019)
    Bible Passages Executive Calendar (2019)

    $1.80 - $2.66 ea.

  • Nutty Putty

    #1 Best Seller

    Nutty Putty

    $0.70 - $1.54 ea.

  • Chick in Egg Stress Reliever
    Chick in Egg Stress Reliever

    $0.82 - $1.31 ea.

  • Religious Reflections Wall Calendar (Spiral)
    Religious Reflections Wall Calendar (Spiral)

    $0.94 - $1.48 ea.

  • Sticky Hand and Egg
    Sticky Hand and Egg

    $0.75 - $1.24 ea.

  • Bunny Rabbit Ball Stress Ball
    Bunny Rabbit Ball Stress Ball

    $1.31 - $2.69 ea.

  • Catholic Scenic Executive Calendar (2019)
    Catholic Scenic Executive Calendar (2019)

    $1.80 - $2.66 ea.

  • Crazy Putty Egg
    Crazy Putty Egg

    $0.66 - $0.86 ea.

  • Religious Reflections Wall Calendar (Stapled)
    Religious Reflections Wall Calendar (Stapled)

    $0.90 - $1.40 ea.

  • Carrot Stress Reliever
    Carrot Stress Reliever

    $0.82 - $1.31 ea.

  • Cross Hand Fan
    Cross Hand Fan

    $0.49 - $0.78 ea.

  • Daily Bible Readings Calendar (Protestant, 2019)
    Daily Bible Readings Calendar (Protestant, 2019)

    $1.53 - $2.12 ea.

  • Carrot Stress Ball
    Carrot Stress Ball

    $1.094 - $2.41 ea.

  • Crosses at Sunset Religious Fan
    Crosses at Sunset Religious Fan

    $0.492 - $1.20 ea.

  • Religious Inspirations Appointment Calendar (2019)
    Religious Inspirations Appointment Calendar (2019)

    $1.95 - $2.91 ea.

  • White Church Hand Fan
    White Church Hand Fan

    $0.49 - $0.78 ea.

  • Bulk Chewy Sprees
    Bulk Chewy Sprees

    $13.60 - $22.67 ea.

  • Jesus Hand Fan
    Jesus Hand Fan

    $0.49 - $0.78 ea.

  • Jelly Beans Treat Packet
    Jelly Beans Treat Packet

    $0.30 - $0.48 ea.

  • Bulk Chocolate Mints
    Bulk Chocolate Mints

    $15.20 - $25.20 ea.

  • Egg Cha Cha
    Egg Cha Cha

    $1.264 - $2.59 ea.

  • Instead of Candy, the Easter Bunny Should Get Our Custom Items for Every Basket!

    As perhaps the most prominent of all the holidays and days of observance that take place during the spring bloom, Easter is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. For many, Easter Sunday is a day to attend church and celebrate Jesus' resurrection from the dead following Good Friday. For others, Easter is a time break out the egg coloring kit, chop the head off of a chocolate bunny, and enjoy a day that's represented by adorable baby chicks and cute fluffy lambs. No matter your reasons for celebrating Easter, Quality Logo Products® has goodies to fill up everyone's Easter Baskets.

    It's no secret that people are more likely to attend church on holidays like Christmas and Easter than they are throughout the rest of the year; it's as if the concept of going big applies to church attendance, too. Churches might find that Easter makes for a grand outreach opportunity. Small gifts like magnets and cross-shaped keychains provided at the end of the Easter service can remind congregants that your establishment is there for them. Stress toys in the shapes of Christian symbols (seriously, we have fish and doves) are a humorous way to let people know that you'd like to help them with the burdens they carry. Want to make certain that people remember when you have services, in case they forget when Sunday falls? Send out calendars to the congregation.

    Non-religious organizations can celebrate Easter with promotional products as well. Many cities and town hold small Easter parades. These are perfect opportunities to hand out one of the staples of Easter celebrations everywhere: candy. There is no such thing as too much candy, in the opinions of QLP's staff members, and our small, customizable packets of candy are easy to pass out or toss from a float. We can customize either the packet or the candies themselves with logos, depending the item you choose. Any company or group can help the public celebrate the arrival of spring by fueling people with sugar!

    If your company doesn't plan on having a presence at a public Easter event but would still enjoy promoting itself with Easter symbolism, we have items that are both convenient and fun to give to customers as freebies or as raffle items. Take a look at our bunny, chicken, and carrot-shaped stress toys for promo items that will help your marketing plan spring to life. If you'd like to offer something other than candy to sneak into kids' Easter baskets, consider plastic eggs that hold small toys, like putty and sticky hands.

    Let QLP help you celebrate the new by putting a new spin on your promotional ideas. Call today!