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Custom Items for Hanukkah (Begins 12/06/2015)Hanukkah

Browse our fantastic selection of custom items for Hannukah. Order now & get FREE printing, FREE setup, & guaranteed lowest prices on select items....

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  • Non Woven Gift Bag

    #1 Best Seller

    Non Woven Gift Bag

    $1.59 - $2.08 ea.

    Order as few as 120

  • Badge Satin Ribbon (1")
    Badge Satin Ribbon (1")

    $47.32 - $109.42 ea.

    Order as few as 1.2

  • Meditation Candle
    Meditation Candle

    $4.95 - $8.26 ea.

    Order as few as 57.6

  • Badge Satin Ribbon (1.5")
    Badge Satin Ribbon (1.5")

    $54.96 - $122.14 ea.

    Order as few as 1.2

  • Sparta Aromatherapy Wax Candle
    Sparta Aromatherapy Wax Candle

    $2.23 - $3.71 ea.

    Order as few as 120

  • Lincoln Chocolate Coins
    Lincoln Chocolate Coins

    $0.20 - $0.26 ea.

    Order as few as 1728

  • Votive Glass (3.5 Oz.)
    Votive Glass (3.5 Oz.)

    $1.94 - $3.09 ea.

    Order as few as 86.4

  • Jewish Heritage Executive Calendar (2020)
    Jewish Heritage Executive Calendar (2020)

    $2.14 - $2.79 ea.

    Order as few as 120

  • Star of David Stress Ball
    Star of David Stress Ball

    $1.91 - $2.00 ea.

    Order as few as 1200

  • Holiday Theme Adult Coloring Book and Pencil Set
    Holiday Theme Adult Coloring Book and Pencil Set

    $1.53 - $3.13 ea.

    Order as few as 90

  • Lincoln Chocolate Coins (Stock Imprint Only)
    Lincoln Chocolate Coins (Stock Imprint Only)

    $0.19 - $0.32 ea.

    Order as few as 1728

  • Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter
    Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter

    $14.21 - $25.36 ea.

    Order as few as 28.8

  • Jewish Life Spiral Calendar (2020)
    Jewish Life Spiral Calendar (2020)

    $0.92 - $1.19 ea.

    Order as few as 180

  • Jewish Life Stapled Calendar (2020)
    Jewish Life Stapled Calendar (2020)

    $0.85 - $1.11 ea.

    Order as few as 180

  • Celebrate the Festival of Lights with Your Customers with Customi Hanukkah Items

    Hanukkah celebrates many facets of life that we here at Quality Logo Products® appreciate: togetherness, small gifts as tokens that show people they're loved... and lights, oh the lights. If you can't tell by the look of our vibrant yellow mascot, Bubba, we love bright things. Any holiday that involves lighting candles therefore is all good in our book, so we're especially happy to help make your Hanukkah-related promotions a success.

    Traditionally, small gifts are exchanged on each of Hanukkah's eight days (which can fall any time from late November to late December), which means that Hanukkah often involves some shopping, along with liberal use of gift wrap. If you're part of a retail business, consider getting some customized gift bags for the occasion. Offer them to your customers to use in place of gift wrap to save them some time during the busy holiday season. We also have customizable gift ribbon that's excellent for package-wrapping. Not only can retailers provide gift-wrapping services; non-profits and community organizations also can make their causes known by wrapping presents with custom-printed ribbon.

    The gifts aren't what make Hanukkah so wonderful, however, no matter what the kids insist. The lore and the history behind the holiday take care of that. The lights of the menorah represent the eight days during which oil in a holy temple kept the candles burning, when there was only supposed to be enough oil to last a single day. While they don't carry the symbolism of the menorah, candles tap in to the joy of light that Hanukkah celebrates. Customized lighters also allow people to light their candles, whether they're part of the menorah or not. Local businesses can offer these gifts to celebrate the season, as can Jewish religious and community groups.

    Jewish community organizations also can promote awareness with promotional items that are great to give during Hanukkah and all the days beyond. For a useful and conservative approach, try giving away calendars, or selling them as fundraiser items. Calendars are a practical way to let people know when their favorite holidays are approaching, including a lovely eight-day festival of lights. Feeling more fun-loving? We have light-up pendants and stress toys in the shape of the Star of David, some of the amusing items that can be given away at public festivals and outreach events to let people know how enjoyable the holidays can be.

    Looking for a bright spot in your organization or business's marketing approaching? An eight-day celebration that involves burning candles can be one. Call Quality Logo Products® today--like the oil in the temple, we'll go beyond what you expect!