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Ice Cream Month Promotional Products (July)Ice Cream Month

Find the perfect promotional product to commemorate this Ice Cream Month. Get FREE printing, FREE setup, & guaranteed lowest prices on select items....

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  • Metal Ice Cream Scoop
    Metal Ice Cream Scoop

    $1.69 - $2.87 ea.

  • Ice Cream Cone Shaped Air Freshener
    Ice Cream Cone Shaped Air Freshener

    $0.689 - $1.24 ea.

  • Translucent Ice Cream Scoop
    Translucent Ice Cream Scoop

    $1.63 - $4.05 ea.

  • Arctic Ice Cream Scoop
    Arctic Ice Cream Scoop

    $0.65 - $1.04 ea.

  • Double Dip Ice Cream Scoop
    Double Dip Ice Cream Scoop

    $0.92 - $2.69 ea.

  • Ice Cream Cone Stress Ball
    Ice Cream Cone Stress Ball

    $1.39 - $3.85 ea.

  • Ice Cream Cone Stress Reliever
    Ice Cream Cone Stress Reliever

    $1.38 - $2.20 ea.

  • Top-This Ice Cream Scoop
    Top-This Ice Cream Scoop

    $0.424 - $0.554 ea.

  • Ice Cream Scoop
    Ice Cream Scoop

    $0.431 - $0.87 ea.

  • Ice Cream Scoop-it
    Ice Cream Scoop-it

    $0.85 - $1.81 ea.

  • Ice Cream Cone Magnet (.020 Thickness)
    Ice Cream Cone Magnet (.020 Thickness)

    $0.079 - $0.59 ea.

  • Ice Cream Bar Stress Toy
    Ice Cream Bar Stress Toy

    $1.00 - $1.60 ea.

  • Serving Spoon
    Serving Spoon

    $1.515 - $4.57 ea.

  • Individual Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
    Individual Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

    $1.405 - $2.96 ea.

  • Portion Bowl
    Portion Bowl

    $1.03 - $1.72 ea.

  • Portable Cutlery Set
    Portable Cutlery Set

    $0.73 - $2.01 ea.

  • Utensil Kit with Carabiner
    Utensil Kit with Carabiner

    $1.16 - $1.86 ea.

  • 3 Piece Cutlery Set
    3 Piece Cutlery Set

    $0.743 - $1.19 ea.

  • Cutlery To Go Set
    Cutlery To Go Set

    $1.19 - $2.12 ea.

  • Mood Spoon

    #1 Best Seller

    Mood Spoon

    $0.218 - $0.35 ea.

  • Ice Cream Cone Keychain Stress Toy
    Ice Cream Cone Keychain Stress Toy

    $0.88 - $1.40 ea.

  • Customized Ice Cream Month Promo Items for Socials, Fundraisers, and More!

    The best way to celebrate summer is with National Ice Cream Month in July, but what is the best way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month? You could give out plain ice cream cones, or hand out ice cream bars, but would that really get your customers excited and engaged?

    Whether your customers are tutti-frutti fans or loyal eaters of plain-old vanilla, there are several ways you can spice up your Ice Cream Month promotion. One great way to make your ice cream themed event stick in your customers minds longer, is by handing out ice cream scoops imprinted with your logo. Customers can enjoy ice cream at your event and take the scoop home to use in their kitchen. Whenever your customers go to the freezer for a cool, sweet treat, they will be reminded of your brand.

    If you are looking for a giveaway people can use right away rather than waiting to take it home, try a customized ice cream bowl. Serve a scoop or two of your customer's favorite ice cream in these imprinted bowls and they will have all eyes on your brand as they enjoy the frozen goodness. Go the extra mile and hand out customized spoons as well. You can get reusable spoons in a picnic utensil set, or as a single spoon like a mood spoon.

    Your Ice Cream Month event doesn't have to be vanilla, even if vanilla is your favorite flavor. Get your customer psyched about your event with ice cream items they will use again and again. Attract even more customers with ice cream magnets that you can print your contact info on. With your info attached to the outside of their fridge, your customers won't have to be reaching for the ice cream for your brand to come to mind.

    Magnets and other non-ice cream giveaways are great for outdoor events where you won't have access to a freezer to keep your ice cream cold. An especially fun non-meltable giveaway is an ice cream themed stress toy. These stress balls come in various ice cream shapes and will make any ice cream themed event fun whither indoors or outdoors.

    If you can't decide which ice cream giveaway is right for your event or need help choosing the perfect item for your brand, just give our sales team a call or chat. Once you've found the perfect match, you can rest assured you are getting the guaranteed lowest price.