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Custom Carpenter PencilsCarpenter Pencils

With hundreds of styles and colors, our custom carpenter pencils are a great promotional product. FREE SETUP for select personalized carpenter pencils....

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  • Carpenter Pencils

    #1 Best Seller

    Carpenter Pencils

    $0.247 - $0.51 ea.

  • Budget Carpenter Pencil
    Budget Carpenter Pencil

    $0.221 - $0.41 ea.

  • Red Lead Carpenter Pencil
    Red Lead Carpenter Pencil

    $0.324 - $0.81 ea.

  • Natural Finish Carpenter Pencil
    Natural Finish Carpenter Pencil

    $0.254 - $0.43 ea.

  • Jo-Bee Alternative Carpenter Pencil
    Jo-Bee Alternative Carpenter Pencil

    $0.205 - $0.268 ea.

  • Carpenter Pencil
    Carpenter Pencil

    $0.228 - $0.38 ea.

  • Enamel Finish Carpenter Pencil
    Enamel Finish Carpenter Pencil

    $0.27 - $0.45 ea.

  • Fluorescent Finish Carpenter Pencil
    Fluorescent Finish Carpenter Pencil

    $0.32 - $0.62 ea.

  • Hard Lead Enamel Finish Carpenter Pencil
    Hard Lead Enamel Finish Carpenter Pencil

    $0.27 - $0.45 ea.

  • Jo-Bee Carpenter Pencil
    Jo-Bee Carpenter Pencil

    $0.293 - $0.65 ea.

  • Carpenter Pencils
    Carpenter Pencils

    $0.461 - $1.10 ea.

  • International Carpenter Pencil
    International Carpenter Pencil

    $0.198 - $0.258 ea.

  • Let our Custom Carpenter Pencils Take the Frontline in Any Carpenter's Toolbelt!

    Working within the carpenter business? Enjoy drawing on pipe, wood, tile, or brick? Do you just prefer using custom carpenter pencils? Well, you've come to the right place! If you're looking for a reliable tool to get any of these jobs done, try out our personalized carpenter pencils!

    Custom round carpenter pencils from Quality Logo Products™ should take the frontline in any carpenter's tool belt-- (or you know, child's pencil case.) Stack these promotional carpenter pencils high to the sky to impress your friends--number two personalized pencils can't do that! And with your logo placed on them, your imprinted carpenter pencils will draw unstoppable attention. These custom carpenter pencils come in many different colors, so you can use a different one every day of the week (and still have one extra left over!) Plus, our personalized carpenter pencils feature a convenient square-shaped design and #3 lead (so don't try and use them on those standardized tests).

    Bring your custom contractor pencils with you to every construction site, home improvement project, or even into the classroom to measure angles using your protractor. Let's say you need to find the exact dimensions of a room to lay down new carpet. You can't conquer that project alone without the help of custom carpenter pencils. Or maybe you're about to install windows in the living room and need to find out how much space to carve out. Personalized carpenter pencils will make the job easier and help ensure you don't end up with holes in the wall that aren't meant to be there.

    You don't always have to be completing a laborious task to benefit from promotional carpenter pencils. Think about the last time you tried to hang a picture frame in your house so it was even with another one. Instead of eyeballing it you can be completely accurate by using personalized carpenter pencils.

    Easy to grip and portable, custom carpenter pencils are a great promotional product for any occasion. Bring along a handful of personalized carpenter pencils to your next trade show, conference, or convention and don't be surprised when they fly off the shelves. Keep a supply of promotional carpenter pencils in the meeting room for those employees who forget to grab a pen to take notes. Better yet, bring these imprinted carpenter pencils along to the construction site to make the next project that much easier. The possibilities are endless with custom carpenter pencils!

    Give custom carpenter pencils to your employees, hand them out at trade shows, or use them as an imaginary finger diving board for your desk. Whichever way you decide to use these marvelous personalized contractor pencils, Quality Logo Products™ has you covered!